Nigeria Ready for HIV Self-testing – Minister of Health

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Recently, we saw an article on Premium Times. The Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole said “Nigerians will soon have more access to HIV self-test kits, which will allow them know their HIV status from the comfort of their homes.” This brought feelings of satisfaction to us at Slide Safe. The Ministry of Health wants to increase the awareness of self-testing for HIV. It’s about time, don’t you think?

We need to be much more proactive about our health. As much as the information on HIV/AIDS and its mode of transmission is well known amongst Nigerians, very few people know their status. This is not supposed to be so. It is very important to know your status than assume it.

While the Minister said “soon”, Slide Safe – luckily – is already here in Nigeria. Slide Safe has already begun sales and provision of these HIV self-test kits, as well as self-test kits to some other infections (Hepatitis B and Syphilis). We’ve has been featured on different international media like CNN, BBC, QUARTZ. And all you need to get a Slide Safe pack is a click.

The Slide Safe packs are properly packaged with lancets, alcohol swab, counselling manual and all necessary materials needed to run the test at the comfort of your home, and with ease. You know what’s more interesting, you get your results in less than 15 minutes.

Counselling is also done by well trained professionals, so you are not left all by yourself.

Privacy is our forte, we pinky swear, no one would know about your patronization. And we also deliver discreetly.

Don’t be the last to know about this. Run off to our shop to pick the pack you want, email us or call us on 07046283306 if you have questions.

Oh, don’t forget to spread the word.

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