2018 ELSiEiSY Blog Festival – Call for Submission

2018 ELSiEiSY Blog Festival - Call For Submission


Who else thinks 2018 has been such an adventurous year?


For me it’s been such a glorious ride and I’m being very deliberate about these remaining last months rounding up the year. I hope you are too, don’t wake up December 31, wondering what you did with all that time. Start late, start unsure but do all you must to have all the fulfillment you deserve.


Last year’s edition of Blog Fest was such a spectacle, we had really awesome submissions and it’s that time of the year again. I’m super excited.


For the benefit of our first timers;


#BlogFest is a yearly celebration of every amazing piece of writing, curated by individuals who had the courage to share their stories and thoughts on their blogs whether they got the kind of traction they wanted or not. #Blogfest is a coming together, one blogger/writer to another.


And in this year we are not slowing down about celebrating the amazing literary works that have gone up on blogs.


In its fifth edition, ELSiEiSY blog festival anticipates the remarkable stories with political themes from people all around the world. Yes, we are doing it quite differently this year by providing a theme – “Politics”. Tell us about the forthcoming election, or a senator in your constituency or a local government chairman or a candidate or paint a political scene. Talk about any and everything, just give it a political undertone. Get creative.


We hope you consider this a special opportunity for you to share your thought, story, sarcasm or opinion with a different audience than you are used to and to also test new waters for the coming year. We consider it a great privilege as well to share your grit with the world.


We know we said a lot about bloggers but it is open to non-bloggers too.
To participate in 2018 #Blogfest;

Send your properly edited work to Farida@elsieisy.com or elsieisy@gmail.com on or before 20th of November.


Remember the work should have a political theme.
Each Writer/blogger is required to send in one or not more than two posts. Each piece must have a minimum of 500 words (200words for poems).


Works from all genres are welcome
Fiction, non-fiction, opinion, poetry, fantasy fiction, horror, erotic stories etc
Also include your name, a short bio (not more than 100 words), blog link (if you have a blog) and your social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) usernames and links.
Your email subject should read “Blog Festival 2018” this is important because we receive quite a number of submissions daily and we don’t want yours drowned in the pool of every other one, you are a celeb.


We also encourage you to create time to follow the Blog festival, participate by sharing thoughts and comments.


Let’s end the year writing and reading on ELSiEiSY Blog Festival.

PS – ELSiEiSY reserves the right to accept or reject an entry.

To read up on posts from 2017 ELSiEiSY Blog Festival, click HERE.

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