The Big Boss was not the kind of man I envisaged being in a relationship with. He wasn’t the kind of man I dreamed of ever dating. His, was a league I didn’t even consider when fishing for lovers. Yet, he was the one and only man that made me cry out in real orgasm. He was the one I dreamt of making babies with, exploring the World and retiring with. He alone could make my fantasies come true.

The Big Boss was my Mills & Boons knight in shiny armor and I was crazy in love with him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This story started out funny really. My ex-boyfriend had asked his buddy, who worked in HR at RUXTON COLE to help get me a job as an intern. His buddy had helped out and I joined the prestigious Oil Servicing Company. A year later, I finished my internship and was given the option of working for the company full time as an Admin Assistant – a position that was only a notch higher than that of an Office Assistant but I was grateful. It wasn’t an option I could pass up so I remained. Even with a National Diploma, my salary at Ruxton Cole rivaled that of a Micro-finance Banker. I earned 70k a month, which was more than some graduates earned. The company was good to me and I was forever grateful to my ex.

Well, until I heard he was getting married to some babe I didn’t even know he’d been dating.

The news of my ex getting married shocked me… I had spent my weekend with him, like I had been doing for the last three years, and couldn’t believe I didn’t notice the tell-tale cheating signs. I had been so comfortable in my relationship that I concentrated fully on work… Striving hard to impress my immediate boss and generally prove that I had better work ethics than the so called foreign university graduates that filled Ruxton Cole. The News of my My ex’s coming wedding floored me. I became a bumbling mess at the office… crying and making an utter fool of myself. I almost lost my job at some point because I couldn’t function. Then came the intervention in the person of Gbemi Salako.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gbemi graduated from some prestigious university in the UK.She was classy…


Had good pedigree…

Had the longest, softest natural hair I’d ever clapped my eyes on…

Had the purest British Accent a Nigerian could possess…

Had a body to die for…

… But looked like a BAT. (The flying rat creature that vampires turned into)

Gbemi was a beautiful soul wrapped in a beautiful body but punished with a face so ugly, it was a crime to look at her. But I liked her spirit and liked the fact that she went out of her way to be nice to everyone irrespective of who that person was or what position the person held at Ruxton Cole.

Gbemi had caught me bawling in the toilet one afternoon after I’d just gotten off the phone with my ex. I had been begging him not to ‘Do this to me’ amidst shameless tears. As to be expected, the conversation ended up with us hurling insults at each other;

Your cooking is atrocious… You’re not domesticated enough… You don’t have the pedigree…

You are crap in bed… Your dick is just average and a little pencil-like… You kiss like a slob… I was merely tolerating your stingy, big-boy-wannabe ass…

After that particularly vile exchange, I ended up in the toilet, wailing like a widow. That was when Gbemi entered. Before that day, we’d only exchanged civil pleasantries but her kindness and concern that afternoon made me spill it all. I told her about my ex, his marriage, our many happy “India-film kinda romance” and many other exaggerated love tale. Gbemi had listened in silence, hugged me through my tears and handed me scented kleenex. Thus began our unusual friendship. She taught me about retail therapy, told me that the best way to get over a breakup was to change my hairdo, wardrobe and circle of friends. Like an obedient puppy, I followed her every advice.

I cut my hair and joined #TeamNatural.

I changed my diet, joined a gym and became #TeamFitFam

I bought clothes, shoes and bags I could barely afford and became #TeamBroke

I even borrowed a bit of Gbemi’s accent and plotted endlessly on ways to travel out of the country – even if it’s to Dubai – so I could authenticate said accent.

As the months crawled by, everyone around me began to see the changes. I was slimmer, toned, glowing and looking trendy and younger. The hotshots at Ruxton Cole began to say “Hey” more often. The girls began to warm up to me. Invites to certain parties began to trickle in and Gbemi became my mother… Literarily. I did nothing without consulting with her or seeking her opinion. I couldn’t even give my number out to a guy without Gbemi’s say-so. I mentally began to worship her and was practically spending my weekends at her house in upscale Oniru. Slowly, but surely, memories of my ex began to dim and I looked forward to my next relationship.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Big Boss was rarely ever seen. He was always traveling on business. His father was the chairman of Ruxton Cole and a former Ambassador to Ukraine. He, on the other hand, was a 38year old hunk with loads of money, two beautiful children, a fashionista wife and enough charisma to intimidate tons of men. The Big Boss was called Omatseye Cole.

Our meeting had been a funny one. Before then, I had only seen him briefly, from a distance, at the rare board meetings that were held in the company board room. Usually, I was present in the capacity of a Tea Girl.

On this special day, there was to be a board meeting. As usual, the Head of Admin had summoned me to his desk and assigned the usual Tea-Girl duties to me. Seeing as I had stepped up my appearance game, I was a little miffed at this obvious ‘hand-falling’. But I dared not complain. With muted curses, I stalked to the boardroom to ensure it was clean and ready for use. As I opened the door, there stood Omatseye Cole, looking intimidating in his charcoal dark suit… All 6foot 4 of his toned body bristling with barely restrained energy as he spoke animatedly on the phone in a language that sounded suspiciously like Russian. I froze, eyes wide, lips slightly parted in surprise. In that brief frozen moment in time, our eyes clashed and held.

In my eyes, he looked unbelievably breathtaking. What I saw in him at that moment was indescribable.

In his eyes, I was sure I looked like a rodent struggling to look like a glamorous E! Entertainment presenter.

My self-esteem, in the presence of one so gorgeous, plummeted lower than usual.

The Big Boss, signaled for me to close the door behind me, while still speaking in that weird language. He walked towards me and my spirit took flight, leaving my body glued to the spot. As he neared me, I could smell his cologne. It was a heady mix of musk, exotic tree bark and an odd summery, flowery scent. I swear, I almost orgasmed on the smell of him alone. I couldn’t understand why I thought of sex at that moment or why I was suddenly getting wet. Trying to pull myself together, I closed my eyes and tried to count to ten, just like Gbemi taught me.

“1… 2… 3… 4…”

I heard a decisive ‘click’ in my subconscious.

“5… 6… 7…”

I felt his breath behind me and I stiffened; every organ in my body shutting down abruptly.

“Let me call you back, yah…?” His voice was husky.

He turned me around to face him. I turned stiffly, my eyes glued to his chest, my palms sweating.Panic! I was panicking. I began to count to ten all over again.

“1-2-3-4—–2-3—4— fuck! 8-9-10″

His eyes were dark… The darkest I’d seen. I briefly imagined a baby that looked like him but had my almond shaped eyes and his black iris. The baby would look eerie… More like a demon-Chinese baby with those large death-black irises.He looked at me, his expression unfathomable. Then his hand brushed my lips, wiping them clean of lipstick. Involuntarily, I licked my lips and took a brave step back. He smiled… a little lift of the corners of his lips.

You work for me?” He asked.

Yes sir. I’m with the Admin department sir…” My voice was strangely steady and calm. Of course, my borrowed accent was firmly in place.

He stepped away from me and I felt a sudden sense of loss. His warmth, his nearness, his heady scent seemed to have evaporated as the space between us widened. He looked me over, from head to toe… his eyes raking every inch of my body.

My nipples tightened in response and peaked shamelessly through my chiffon blouse. He noticed my jutting nipples and smiled again, rubbing his lower lip absentmindedly.

He didn’t ask it. His lips didn’t move. But in my head, I heard him ask… So I replied.

My name is Ovuokerie…. Vuoke…” The slight lift of his left brow made me realize that I had read his thoughts correctly.


I nodded but said nothing. Widening the gulf between us, I made a show of arranging the perfectly placed chairs around the huge conference table. I ran my finger across the glass to be sure dust had not settled on it. He watched me, unmoving but his eyes trailed my every move. His look excited me. I loved the way my body reacted to his presence. I loved that I put an amused smile on his face. I turn around the conference table and headed towards him. As I drew closer, my confidence faltered and made me stop a few meters away from him. But his perfume filled my nostrils and made me float. He could have me then and there and I wouldn’t have minded.

He walked up to me, closed the distance between us and pulled me to him roughly, his mouth covering mine in a hard kiss. I wasn’t used to hard kisses. I loved my kisses gentle… My sex rough, sweaty and hard. But I tolerated his kiss. My soft lips were going to bruise but it would serve as a reminder of this surreal moment. He sensed that his kisses weren’t doing it for me so he eased and began to kiss me nice and slow. Everything in me melted. My eyes blazed with a fire I knew would light up a dark room then dimmed to slits as my hands found their way round his neck. He pulled away, stepped back; his bulge glaringly prominent in front of his trousers.

You’re a witch…” He muttered. I didn’t know if that was a compliment or an insult.

He turned away, straightened his shirt, tie, trousers and suit. Then left the boardroom without a backwards glance. I let out a shaky breath, my hand reaching for my swollen lips.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Board meeting went on without incident. I stood outside the room and only went back in when my Tea-Girl services were required. The Big Boss pretended not to know me but despite his nonchalance, I caught him a few times staring at me as I poured coffee and smiled pleasantly at a few of the executives present. His expression was deadpan. I stood outside the boardroom, fighting the urge to storm in there, zip down his pants and sit on him like a horny maniac. I fought my thoughts valiantly as I stood outside and waited for the meeting to end. Thankfully, thirty minutes later, the meeting was over. Everyone exited the boardroom and I was left to clear the place. I half expected The Big Boss to burst in, grab me roughly, throw me on the table and have his wicked way with me… But the door remained closed. After clearing and cleaning up the boardroom, I left, wondering if I had imagined everything.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Head of Admin dropped the intercom and turned to me. I was in the middle of collating imprest expense, to be submitted to the accounts department.

The M.D wants to see you” he announced dolefully. The man always had a countenance of one that was perpetually in mourning.

The rest of the Admin staff gave me sharp looks, some wondering what crime I had committed. As I climbed up the stairs to the first floor, my heart beat continuously. The M.D.’s secretary made matters worse. She muttered something about stale tea biscuits and incompetence as she pointed me towards the M.D’s door. I knocked, sucked in my breath and walked into the office. The big Boss was seated and staring at me. He beckoned me over and I walked towards him stopping just before his desk; my eyes focused on a spot above his head.

Come here…” He commanded.

I walked up to him and stopped just a few inches from his chair. His legs were sprawled out in front of him, his belt undone and his pants zipped down. Standing proud and erect from the space in front of his boxers was his cock. That was a wonder all on its own.It was big… Fat… Slightly curved, veined and at least 6.5inches long. The Big Boss was stroking it leisurely. He pushed his hips forward, urging me silently to feast on it. He didn’t say it. His lips didn’t move. But I heard him loud and clear. And I was hungry.

Kneeling before him, I braced my hands on his thighs and covered the shiny cap of his cock with my mouth. I heard his gasp. Not loud. But a gasp anyways. My mouth moved further down in my bid to take as much of him in my mouth as I could. He grabbed my hair, his eyes blazing. My mouth pushed further till I could take no more. His waist moved slightly. I could feel his impatience. Holding his cock in one hand, I began to move my mouth up and down, sucking and slurping him hard. I could feel my cheeks sink into pronounced dimples while the inner flesh grazed his cock as my mouth worked their magic. He groaned and stiffened… But I was just getting started. Concentrating on his cap, my tongue twirled, my mouth sucked and my lips kissed that dark tip till I felt the muscles of his thighs flex with the effort of his restraint. I loved the taste of him… Loved the smell of him… Yearned for him to be totally naked so I could gobble him all up. I couldn’t hold back my hunger, I sucked him till I heard him groan and push his cock deep in my throat…

…Then he began to pulsate…

… I felt the warm liquid spill down my throat…

… I swallowed involuntarily…

… That was a first for me…

… But I loved it….

I got up, straightened my clothes and tucked my blouse back into my skirt, watching him… My eyes never left his for a second. His semi-limp cock looked like they had been wiped clean with a wet cloth. No sign of sperm thereabouts.

“Is that all you want sir?” I asked innocently.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For two weeks, The Big Boss always found an excuse to summon me to his office. And as was with my usual practice, I left his office with a frown or manufactured tears. He was getting used to his daily blowjobs and I was getting frustrated because I wanted to fuck him. Besides, everyone at Ruxton Cole now knew I was always in trouble with the M.D for some idiotic reason or the other. My rising Big-babe profile was beginning to sink and suddenly most of the girls began to remind themselves that I was a polytechnic product and beneath them. Gbemi also began to wonder why I was becoming lax at my job and feared that I might be fired soon. Much as I could tell Gbemi anything, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her about my weird affair with The Big Boss. I suspected that she wouldn’t believe me anyway, so I kept it to myself. Then he traveled out of the country for a month. I became listless. Without his presence at the office, work became bland but I did my bit and did it well enough without query. Gbemi and I still hung out on weekends but she noticed that I was always daydreaming. She asked me a millions times if I was seeing anyone and I said no.

Then she opened up a can of worms. She told me how she’d had an affair with the General Manager… a very good-looking but disgusting guy whose hobbies consisted of namedropping and amateur boasting. Even I, in my ‘pedigree-less’ stance knew the G.M was a kiss and tell. Then she mention a few other meaningless ‘romps’ some other colleagues. For a girl so ugly, Gbemi’s pussy had been busy racking up mileage. But her ultimate target was The Big Boss himself. Apparently, he was every female staff’s dream catch – married or single. I suddenly wondered if I was just being used for strictly oral purposes. The thought wasn’t pleasing and made me grumpy for the rest of the weekend.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Another two weeks passed by and The Big Boss hadn’t returned to the country. His absence didn’t affect me as badly as it had done earlier probably because the whole office buzzed with gossip at my sudden friendliness with a young, handsome Banker. In an office filled with ostentatious people constantly trying to outdo, outshine each other, it came as a shock that I rebuffed advances from higher staff of Ruxton Cole only to end up with a banker… One that worked with First Bank… But I cared little for their opinions and played deaf to their negativity. I was just friends with the banker but I knew he wanted more.

On a Friday, Gbemi and I decided that after work, we would go get drinks and probably catch a movie. By 8:20p.m. We were both seated at a popular bar, drinking cocktails that I couldn’t afford, eating peanuts and generally ‘Men watching’. My banker came to join us and without a second thought, we saddled him with the bills. Not wanting to appear cheap, he gladly offered to pay and even urged us to order something to eat. Then my cell phone rang. Caller I.D was “UNKNOWN”.

Hello…?” I answered.

Who’s that guy with you?” The Big Boss sounded angry. I was glad to hear from him and irritated at his possessiveness. Without meaning to, I looked around in confusion.

Where are you?” I asked, my voice breathless…

You didn’t answer my question. Who is the guy? I know he’s not there for Gbemi because his eyes have been devouring you for the last five minutes…” He was angry.

He’s… He’s a friend…” I managed to reply.

Gbemi’s ears had perked up and two pair of eyes were glued to my flustered face.

Say goodbye to your friends and come outside… Now.” He ordered and hung up.

I flew to my feet, grabbed my bag, wearing an apologetic smile. I prayed my desperation did not seep out along with my sweat.

I– I’m sorry Gbemi… Sorry Geoff… I have to go…” I said and dashed out without a word of explanation.

Gbemi was fast though. She ran after me, calling my name just as the door to a black, tinted Honda Cross-tour opened and I slipped in. Then the car sped away as I leaned back on the plush seat, dazed and breathless.

* * * * * TO BE CONTINUED * * * * *

Written by Dame Twitter – @Dame_caucus


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  1. This is really impressive, detailed and so realistic I could picture every scene in my head. Thumbs up to the writer

  2. So Na 6.5 inches dey make you listless at work. Hmmm…. 9 inches would definitely drive you crazy

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