The House XVII – (18+)

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I didn’t know where to start the story from so I just modified it all and told Sesan and his friend that I had carried a prostitute to a hotel and gotten robbed. No point telling them it was Yemisi. Yemisi? Hmmm that was another case on her own. She had woken up quite a while after the robbers had left and had thrown quite a fit when she found out her phone had been taken too. I had no choice but to calm her down by promising I would buy her another. Well at least I know my very first salary already has an allocation now. Sesan ordered for me a cup of jedi or whatever they called it. I spent a few seconds deciding if to accept or decline but then again after all that happened last night, I needed the drink more than anyone. And his friend Blakky didn’t help matters, urging me to drink as much as I can and forget my worries. This was the famous ‘Konigba’..I often heard gists of what went down here from Sesan and often Boka. The guys seated all around the place all looked like ex-convicts but after two cups of jedi, they all looked like family and I found them quite interesting to interact with..

Abeg what’s the difference between Buhari, Atiku and Jonathan? Are they not all the same?“…someone was arguing not far off from us.

Prof, abeg shut up. Anyone wey pay better na im we go vote for“..Sesan shouted at him and everyone around bursted out laughing.

You see as you guys always throw away your future?..let’s stand up and fight against these guys

Prof, so your madness never leave you after all this years. Who you wan fight? Atiku or Jonathan? You wey no fit face Iya Nuru one on one“…Blakky attacked.

This brought about another round of laughter that I even joined in. The jedi was at work once more, I asked for another cup. Sesan turned to look at me and was about to say something but I noticed Blakky winked at him and he shut up. Whatever jare, I was in the mood.

But you are right o, all of them are thieves even us sitting here“…I didn’t know why but everywhere was suddenly quiet and I noticed everyone was staring at me. Ooo fuck, I was the one who spoke.

BEN…Dis one wey Latifah just dey flash me anyhow, hope say I safe o. I don call her back and she said she dey come. Been back home over twenty minutes now and she never show. I just hope say no be money she dey come ask for because I never even recover the last one. I sat down and just realized the house was quiet. Na only God know why but these days e dey be like say everybody get where to go even those ashewos. Na wa o and that stupid Sesan wey dey always claim student.

Knock! Knock!

Ope oooo

Come in…” Chei, if you fit see the smile for my face ehn. The smile disappear sharply as Boka head enter my room. Which kain human being be this, ehn? Wetin he dey find.

Benji, na you I come see o.

Who you wan come see before? No b my room be dis abi na another person dey pay the rent?“…I hiss.

No vex, the matter wey dey ground now na life and death things“..see as him eye swell, him don dey cry ni?..

Who die or who’s about to die?“…I scratch my beards ask am.

Na my mama, she sick for Villa…my sister just call me about thirty minutes ago say dem go need about ten thousand for admission“…

Oboy, sorry o. How we go con do am now ehn? Me sef no too carry bar o“..

Omo, Boka just carry hand put for head. This one don pass be careful o and Latifah fit go show up anytime.

Hmmm why you no go ask Sesan abi Bello, be like say he even chop Nairabet yesterday sef“…

Ehen, where them dey?“..see as him eyes light up.

Na konigba dem go dey abi where dem wan stroll go? One of them must dey konigba“…Boka no even let me finish before he ja comot for my room, I no even hear him thank you well. Stupid boy.

He don go finish before I remember say him be only pikin. Where he con see Sister wey call am? Chei, Boka don wan scame oo.. My ancestors no just allow, I go deal with am later.

Knock, knock..

This time I no even smile. I just strong face sit down..she don late gan.

Enter when you are ready o” …abi wetin make I talk again?.

This girl no go kill me, if you see wetin she wear. Leggings with one very tight fitting top…I never see her ass o but I fit bet Boka invisible sister say she no wear pant.

Ahan are we fighting? Or why you dey strong face“..She don dey smile that stupid smile again. The smile wey no dey let my dick get sense.

You called over one hour ago na and I have been waiting“…

Sorry, my mumsi didn’t get back on time

Ok..oya what was so important?“…I pull chair comot sit down. Oya make she give me another format now say she need money. I go just curse am ni.

LATIFAH….How do I explain it to this guy that ever since we had fucked, I have not been able to get his dick out of my mind. Always waking up soaking wet, his dick was just the right size and fit for me. God knows if I go fit go back go fuck Bode even after his lessons are over.

Shuu, so I can’t call to check up on you again ni?“..I knelt down before him. I could tell by the bulge in his jeans that his dick was begging to be free..I started rubbing his thighs and dick through the fabric. He wasn’t the only one in trouble. I was wet as a fountain and I had no panties on…

BEN…I no get money, I no get money oo but my stupid dick no gree get sense. And as she shook hand put for inside my jeans, I no say I go fuckup. Chei, why I no go konigba this morning oo. She kiss my dick like say na chairman. she wan begin suck am, I just pull her up sharply before junior fumble, I turn am around..pull the leggings comot her ass as she dey wriggle wriggle. What did I say? She no wear pants.. Menn, dis ass tho. I stretched my neck forward and kiss her ass cheeks then pulled her down, make she sit well. Her pussy was wet as anything else, I no even feel any restriction as she down ontop me come begin dey bounce.

Menn, that ass trips dey unexplainable. I just grab am dey squeeze…

Beeen“..her moans..

If she continue like this, I go fumble before I even expect sef. I pull her top up small, begin kiss her spine up…I use my two hands jam her legs together make she feel my dick well, na so she scream oo…

Bennn, you dick is gggrrrrt!“”” Before I go know wetin dey happen she don dey pour dey shout for my body join. My dick no dey carry last as I just begin pour sperm inside her. She no even mind…wetin consine me?.

Two of us come pause dey relax…I dey feel hot liquid dey run down my legs but just too tired to stand up. Her whole ass come dey ontop me..I just begin use am play ping pong, if I slap the ass small, e go reply. Choi.As we get ourselves back, she stood up and took her top off along with her Bra..omo see nipples as e stand. She come lie down for bed, throw her legs up..if you see speed wey I use comot all my clothes.

SESAN…E remain small asin tintini wey dem for beat craze comot for Bode head. What he was thinking, I don’t know oo. And na Blakky suggest say make we bring am come konigba. Ok, after he had called everybody ‘thieves’ finish and we beg the guys to relax. The stupid boy stood up and started dancing. Shuu!!! Dancing to no music at all?! Who does that? Especially at Konigba of all places…his dancing was funny to everybody oo until he go do mistake dance pour person drink away. Na then I know say something had to be done. Tonight I must talk to Latifah and Yemisi, whatever trips they were putting this boy on had to end. Hold up! Person don break bottle!


Written by BASS @OlumiCFC

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