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By Blessing Aguda

Life is beauty, I can say beautiful, life is progression and not stagnancy, once the life is gone, no moving forward.

A lot of people plan ahead like for the next 40years, not knowing where life can turn to…

Life is full of ups and downs, it can turn ugly, but you see the way you live your life determines how beautiful or how ugly it will be to you.

Life gives you what you want it to give to you.

Have you ever thought about what or where life can lead you to? If you take the wrong direction or follow other people’s purposes.

Life should be living in accordance to desires, plans of future of the highest power which is from God.

Life can be straight for some, whereas slanted for others.

Life is God because God created life and God is good, therefore life is good.

I have always thought life is just there on its own, you carrying out your daily business without anybody interfering with you, but it is more than that, life cannot be lived that way.

Life is full of smiles which people are not able to discover on time, rather than putting smiles on people faces, on theirs, they end up bringing sorrows to people’s lives.

Life is sitting down expressing oneself, finding one’s potentials, areas of lack, correcting and living a purposeful destiny.

Life is love, life is not all about you studying all head out or working all your all out, but life is meeting people, helping out the needy, poor, your neighbors that needs your help and advice.

The word of God says the greatest commandment is LOVE, so likewise let your life be one that love is felt in, do that which have love embedded in it live right by showing love to others do all you can by letting love show from deep down, bring out that which you never could not have brought out.

Live the best of your life today so that regrets will be minimal, show the best of yourself today so that tomorrow so will walk in confidence because you have done the right thing.

Life is nature, pure, full of power likewise full of transgressions and atrocities.

How is your passion and zeal embedded in your life?

Life is the word of GOD…to live a life full of zeal, passion, purpose, goals, and dreams; you have to live, to feed, to meditate, to study his word which is the bible,  the truth, light to our paths, lamp to our feet. Without his word which act as a sword and armor to Christians, even when you try to show love to everyone around you there is this strong force that still comes and attacks and puts sorrow, difficulties, distress on our paths but relying on the word of GOD even in dangers, difficulties we have all been given power to steps on serpents and snakes and because we know GOD nothing shall by any means harm us, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against rulers in the high places, wickedness in the highest places, rulers of darkness.

Life is a door, which opens or closes the way you approach it, is your life an opened or closed door?

Life is a building block, which moves from one level to the next, Monday comes before Tuesday but when Tuesday comes before Monday then something is wrong. Don’t live your life by letting Tuesday come before Monday but live it by taking each steps in precedence.

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  1. Life is beautiful! Explore ur life in a positive and beautiful way.. Let ur life make positive impacts on pple arnd u.. Nice 1 writer.. Kip it up.

  2. We have only got one life to live. We ought to live it to the fullest with no need to have regrets.

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