The Beauty of a Woman

the beauty of a woman

What makes a woman shine with an inner radiance that illuminates her and everything around her? Why are men drawn to the opposite sex like a moth to a flame? What gives them the ability to control the most powerful men with barely uttered pleas? Let me tell you right now that I am a man and as a man I have no Idea how to answer these questions in a way that will be satisfactory to everyone. What I can do is share my own views on the topic and hope that it, in some small way, helps the men that read this and uplifts the women.

My mother, the first woman that I loved and loved me back, it was she that taught me that all women are queens in their own right. Although, at times, a woman can be a creature of emotions and contradictions; as petulant as a child or as indomitable as a mule, this does not take away from her beauty, rather it is just one aspect of her mercurial personality. I must use this opportunity to apologize to our mothers, our sisters, and our daughters that have been called beautiful or gorgeous before being called brilliant, astute, intelligent, brave or adventurous. With your will you have brought kings low; with your wit you have stopped warring armies poised to slaughter each other on the battlefield. Your beauty goes much deeper that what the genetic lottery has arbitrarily bequeathed to you. But what power their physical beauty still holds; from the soft curve of a woman’s hips to the gentle slope of her breasts. The way their supple skin caresses a man after a particularly stressful wade through the currents of life is truly uplifting. What joy a well-timed word or the soft touch of a woman can bring to her partner; just one facet of the beauty of a woman.

It is only the power of a woman that is able to serve as a conduit between the spiritual and the physical, allowing her to usher the souls of the unborn to a place that we, men, can interact with them. Kifa Shah said that we have to teach our daughters to be somebodies instead of somebody’s. We must, in this age, imbibe in them the skills and mentality that will allow them to go beyond their physical beauty, to be recognized for their minds as well. These amazing creatures that we have relegated to the background for so long must rise up and be allowed to prove themselves on an equal footing with the rest of the world. It is for this reason that I salute female CEO’s, heads of state, and legislators.

I wish that I could let all women know that their effervescent personalities are a welcome contrast to the world rooted in so much calamity and strife. I want you to know that it is OK to be like soda on some days and vodka on others. I wish that I could, singlehandedly, make love to the insecurities of all women until the beauty of their inner being shines forth; beyond the walls they put up and allow them to be revealed in the flawless form the creator blessed them with.

The women that we interact with on a daily basis are not just put there to be easy on the eyes; making us lose all sense of ourselves. They are also the stuff that feeds our souls; pabulum for the entire being, stimulating our minds to greater feats of attainment while thawing our frozen hearts.

The beauty of a woman has no bounds. It can spark a mental conflagration that the deepest seas would fail to quench; or ignite the physical passions of the most devout monk. The beauty of a woman surpasses the power of the most accomplished orator to describe or the most adept painter to illustrate. The most skilled author could only form a poor narration of what a woman’s inner being was capable of and incredible musicians can only form odes that capture, at most, only one aspect of their grandeur.It is for this reason that the beauty of a woman can never be truly quantified by the means available to us, it is for this reason a woman will always remain a mystery to the opposite sex, and it is for this reason that we must always admire from a safe distance lest we fall into the deep well of a woman’s eyes and lose ourselves to her unquenchable passion.

The beauty of a woman!

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  1. Hi DanielSuch beautiful words to express the beauty of a woman. Such a thought provoking post and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing

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