May 13th, 2015.Punch Headline: Summit: Patience Jonathan denies blocking Buhari’s wife.*clears throat*I just want you to understand that what I have to say has absolutely nothing to do with the headline, I was just bringing you up to date with happenings in our country. Yeah, I can see most of you running to punch’s homepage now. GOOD!Today I am taking a swipe at Nigerian’s.Nigerians are the worst of all the conformists ever. When they say it is ‘blue’, Nigerians will be at the fore-front screaming, ‘BLUE’! ‘BLUE!” and the next minute, they say it’s ‘Red’ and you dare stand against them? Nigerians will be-head you.”It’s red!” and they’ll claim “it never was blue”Nigerians never stick to their guns.I know you’ll be wondering who the ‘they’ are. ‘They’ are many, ‘they’ are:1. Religious Leaders2. Teachers3. Parents4. Politicians5. Me6. You6. All of us.Open your eyes to understanding, learn to always question a statement. Like some of you are already thinking of the nonsense I have justsaid.PS: I saw the 6 that appeared twice.Have a good day!By Obinna Jonesconformists

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  1. Hehe. Most Nigerians I would say, the larger percentage. The only reason nonconformists stand out tall. I guess it’s quite easy to move with the crowd.

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