You are a performer at every point in time.  Last year, you performed but how was your performance vis-a-vis your potential.  How do you want to perform this year vis-a-vis your potential?  I am positive that you want to live to up to your potential this year.  Potential is what you can do but have not done. Potential is where you can reach but you have not yet reached. Potential is what you can achieve but you have not achieved.  Potential is who you are but you are yet to become. Potential is the seed in you that can produce a forest over time. A seed can become a tree which becomes a forest. Potential is that peak performance you are yet to display.  You know what people say about the room of improvement being the largest room in the world. Every year is packaged in weeks. But it is up to you to make these weeks count.

Strive to become better.  You can become better at what you do.  You can become better YOU. And it all starts from a positive dissatisfaction with your present level of personal progress. Peak performance will not happen by accident or overnight. It will require that you take responsibility for how you spend your time and resources. Peak performances are preceded by rehearsals. Peak performances are preceded by quality preparations. And preparations take time.  The question is whether you are willing to invest time into preparation.

Every year has 52 weeks, guess what time is already running out! Before you know it, the first quarter of the year will be over.  What are your expectations for the year?  Have you written out your goals?  Do you have a detailed plan with which to achieve your goals? Do you have specific actions you are going to take per time to reach your goals? It is important that you state specifically what you want to do every month, week and day. I know it is not easy to think and draw up a specific plan for every week, also doing a to-do-list for each day.  If you are not specific and resolute, you will find yourself leaving things to chance and hoping that things will fall in place for you to actualize your dreams. Time cannot be stopped but can be maximized.  Every second counts. You can ensure that you invest your time profitably by doing something to add value to your dreams of greatness. Place premium on preparation.

Come to think of it, a peak is the pointed top of a mountain. No one gets to the top of a mountain without adequate preparation and deep resolve.  Reaching a higher level means taking greater responsibility.  At the end of the day, everything boils down to time.  I once heard a sage say that time is a convertible resource – you can convert the time at your disposal into peak performances.  Whether you are a student, an employee or an employer, you can step up your game. Go ahead, turn your 52 weeks into 52 peak performances!

Written by Idowu Omisore - @IDgreatness
Written by Idowu Omisore – @IDgreatness

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