Baseri & His Frantically Immoral Family

Baseri & His Frantically Immoral Family

There was a man who goes by the name Baseri.

Baseri was a family man. He had a wife and 5 children. Baseri was not a young man. He was old and as expected, should be spitting wisdom at his age.

But Baseri cultivated one very bad habit. The habit of shamming his own family whenever he sits with his friends. He tells whomever wants to hear that his wife is the cause of his misfortune and a prostitute. He calls his children thieves and prostitutes. He says his children are the worst things to come his way.

His wife begged him to stop doing this, but he claimed he was just being sincere and saying it as it is. And that hopefully, someone who hears his plight can take him to a church or spiritualist who can save him from the thieves and witches he lives with.

His children begged him, but no, Baseri kept on. Telling anyone who cares to hear.

However, Baseri wasn’t poor. He was comfortable and so was his wife. He participated in community works and was very relevant in his village. Baseri was known!

His children had to go start life in another city as they grew older, living their mother to bear her husband’s utterances. They were sure doing good. Nobody depended on Baseri, so he had enough money to hang around, participate in moving the community forward and was respected.

A day came when the people of his village wanted to choose a counselor. The ruling part which had been doing everything to please the masses decided to let the people choose their candidate. They felt letting the position of a Counselor go to anybody who the people want shouldn’t be big deal.

They didn’t care if you didn’t belong to their party. They were on a mission. Once the people want you, they bring you in as their member and let you know all there is to know.

The day for that community meeting came. People gathered in the town hall. 2 people were nominated, Baseri and Tamiri.

They were asked to tell the people why they should be chosen in a debate like setting. It went on and on for a while, questions from every angle of the hall. Who knew these villagers could ask meaningful questions? The session was great until Tamiri brought in family issues.

He admitted that his opponent was as good as himself and they have both picked up good projects together. Then said he was a better fit for the position because Mr. Baseri’s home is frantically filled with thieves and prostitutes which himself made known to a good number of people in the hall.

He argued that coming from such home – Frantically immoral one, would have a negative effect on his leadership capability and his reasoning.

Baseri was shocked….

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