Journey To The Future 2 – 4

Journey to the future by FemiFragile

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I drove the knife through his neck and into his throat as he looked down at me. He definitely wasn’t expecting it. His body fell on me as his blood splattered all over the place; I was practically bathed with it. My body trembled as I pushed him away and got out of his bed, I was momentarily transfixed. I had gotten my revenge, but that was just the beginning.


I arrived at Presido’s cubicle but Bade wasn’t there. I was informed that he was kept in a secure location, away from the preying eyes of others. I was blindfolded then transported to another location, and it took at least an hour before arriving at an uncompleted building protected by a tall fence. From all indication, it had been abandoned for a long time; thick bushes, algae walls, and reptiles. Presido led me through a path and we soon reached Bade; he was tied with chains and his mouth gagged with a tennis ball. We caught each other’s gaze, I hoped he could see the hate and anger in my eyes, but I saw the fear in his. As I approached he began to shake his head in an apologetic manner; like a man begging for his life. Another look into his eyes and I saw the Bade that was there for me when I arrived in Ibadan; a friend who shared my pain when I grieved; a brother who stood by me when my world was crumbling. Why? Why would he rape his own sister?

I requested Presido to remove the ball in his mouth; I was desperate to hear his excuse, maybe he had a cogent reason for dehumanizing Bisi.

“Kunle please don’t do this” he begged with his bleeding mouth. Evidently, Presido had dealt him several blows to the face.

“What exactly are you persuading me not to do Bade?” I asked,

“Don’t kill me, spare my life, I am sure we can sort things out”

“Who says I have plans of killing you? If you are truly scared of dying, why didn’t you consider that before choosing to rape my sister?”

“I was angry that you turned Kike against me” he declared, breathing heavily with each word that he pronounced. I approached him and wiped away the blood from his mouth, I still considered him a friend. I took a deep breath and replied him,

“Bade, I didn’t turn Kike against you. You pushed her away with your ideologies; you forced her to submit to you against her will. What was I to do? Turn her to a punching bag like you did?”

“She was my girlfriend, and whatever I do to her is my choice, not your concern” he retorted and spat thick blood at my feet. He continued, “I know you didn’t rape her, I came up with that story, but I was aware that you guys were fucking each other. Tell me Kunle” he yelled at me, “what if I was doing the same to your girlfriend? Tell me!”

Presido stepped in and shut him up with a slap, but he didn’t succumb, “I felt betrayed, I was humiliated. I wanted revenge and, an-nd…” he began to stutter,

“And what?” I screamed at his face and went ahead to punch the wall, it bruised my hand. He began to weep afterwards, “Kunle please, I am sorry. I am sorry for everything.”

“There’s no point being sorry Bade, you can’t undo that which you have done. Does the word family not mean anything to you? I could have given you my life for hers. You have gotten your revenge, and I’ll gladly repay in similar measures.”

I gestured at Presido to hand me the plier he was holding, and he did. I ripped off what was left of Bade’s torn singlet and placed the open tooth of the plier on his nipple, as I concluded within me that I was going to rip off his nipple I thought to myself, “Kunle, if you do this there is no turning back.” I combined my hate with anger, formed a timid courage; I pinned his nipple with the plier and yanked it off with my eyes closed. He screamed, “Jesus” and for a minute I was terrified that someone will hear him. But Presido calmed my fears,

Fine boy, no fear, na cemetery surround us. Make he shout till tomorrow nobody go hear am.” Blood gushed out from his bosom; I must have cut a vein while tearing off his nipple. I was so scared I suffered a panic attack; I had never killed a rat. It’s strange how the world can make a monster out of a coward. I was so irritated by the sight of his nipple that lay on the floor I rushed outside and vomited. I returned few minutes later; the smell of marijuana filled the whole place, Presido took another drag and asked me if I was ready to continue the torture, I hesitated, he shook his head and reminded me that he warned me. Bade wailed continually, he suffered from the pain I inflicted on him; he was breathing slowly and heavily.

As you don comot one of hin breast now, wetin you wan make he tell people if you release am? He don see my face, na either you kill am or make I kill am myself” Presido handed me a pistol. I aimed the gun at him but couldn’t garner enough courage to pull the trigger. I walked away for a moment and returned, but still wasn’t sure I was prepared to take a man’s life. I was still considering my options when my phone rang, it was Keji. I exited the room to answer it,

“Hello Keji”

“Kunle, where are you? You need to come to the hospital now,”

“Why? What is wrong?” I asked urgently,

“Bisi was just rushed into sugery. She complained about abdominal pain and the doctor said something about internal bleeding.”

Jesus!” I ended the call and ran to Presido, “Presido, abeg come carry me comot for here. Abeg, my sister dey theatre” I pleaded with him confusingly.

“No wahala, you friend don kuku die”

“Die, how? I didn’t even pull the trigger” I retorted,

Oga, calm down with your grammar o. You no see say nah the side wey heart dey you from tear hin breast? Blood don comot hin heart. Touch am na, he no dey breathe again.”

Spontaneously, I removed the chain from his body, laid him on the floor and began to pump his chest, “Bade, please I forgive you. I am sorry, please don’t die on me,” he didn’t respond, I ran the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation too, yet he didn’t respond, “Bade please, don’t die, we will work things out,” but it was too late. He was dead. I murdered a man; I sat beside his corpse and wept bitterly. Presido handed me a pair of jean and shirt to change into; there was blood all over the previous pair. He called a certain Drycleaner and instructed him to make Bade’s body disappear.


I arrived at the hospital amidst uncertainties that trailed my future. I approached the OR (operating room) nervously, I was scared for my sister’s life and at the same time conscious of the crime I had committed. I soon sighted Keji from afar and walked up to her,

“Keji” I called with a vibrating voice,

“Kunle!” she expressed her concern, “where have you been?”

“I was…”

“Wait, Kunle have you been smoking weed?” she questioned,

“No” I declined, yet couldn’t tell her of my crime.

“You reek of weed!” she screamed quietly, “Oh, they are here” she pointed at Lizzy and Dr. Raymond as they exited the OR. We approached them and swiftly inquired the state of Bisi’s health; they were mute for a moment. Dr. Raymond stepped forward to give a response, but before he could say a word, Bisi’s corpse was wheeled out of the OR; her face slightly opened.

“I am sorry, but we lost her” the doctor finally said. I kissed Bisi’s corpse and laughed hysterically as I walked out of the hospital. Keji and Lizzy tried to come after me, but they gave up when they couldn’t catch up.


Presido moaned as he collected his payment, he fondled my dick and shoved through my anus. Only if he knew I was paying him double; what he desired and what he deserved. I drove the knife through his neck and into his throat as he looked down at me. He definitely wasn’t expecting it. He struggled with me; tried to strangle me, but I shoved in further and twisted it until he gave up. His body fell on me as his blood splattered all over the place; I was practically bathed by it. I had gotten my revenge, but that was just the beginning. I will visit my uncle too. I am out for blood, and I intend to get it with every pond of the insolence’s flesh.


“Hello, who is this please?” I asked with a deep voice, I needed to be sure it wasn’t any of Presido’s boys. I was very discreet when I visited him. I didn’t see anyone, but I had to be sure no one saw me.

“Is this Kunle?” a feminine and elderly voice responded,

“Who am I speaking to?”

“It is Mrs. Ogunmola, Bade’s mother.”

“Jeez” my heart skipped, “Good day ma.”

“I have been trying to reach your friend for days now, I can’t. Is he there with you? I would have called but I only just remembered he said you guys live together.”

Written by Femi Fragile (Twitter: @fragiletimbzz | IG: femifragile)

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