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By Stela Xega

Here’s to you
Friend of mine
Twin soul of mine
Angel that haven forbid

It feels like I’ve known you
We loved each other in a past life
I’m just remembering who you are now
You were under disguise

You are as fragile as a piece of glass
In the hands of a kid
So strong and lonely
So easy to love
So small you could be crushed with one hand
So big the universe couldn’t hold you
So sad and independent
You can’t be owned
That’s what i like most about you

You are a mess, a terrible disaster
My most beautiful nightmare
My most scary dream
My treasure
My curse
As the sea you are constantly changing
From calm to hell

Everybody breaks
Hemigway was right
We are all broken
That’s how the light get in,love

A sinner with a good heart
Not as perfect behind the curtains
As you are slowly healing from past scares
Imperfection scratches your skin over and over again

I’m sleeping much more now
To take my mind off all this non sense we created
Our souls blur together
I wish i wasn’t so alone
You are the difference between Hell and Home

Just take me where you’re from
Show me the world
Leave a note
Grab your coat
And run away with me
Show me that there is a cure
For a wounded heart
And a poor scared soul
Broken into pieces
Scattered around the floor

You are here
Or at least so i think
But as soon as i rise my hand to touch your skin
You disappear, run away
Maybe you are a human
Maybe you are a shadow
Maybe i created you in my mind
Maybe i’ll never get to know you
But i’ll love you anyhow

What happens if i drink you
Are you the cure or the poison?

What can i say
I’m constantly craving for your presence
You are my second Frida
We’re complete 

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  1. Of friends that are more than company, other halves that leave us incomplete, of rivers that need streams to not starve.

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