Aje and Kpako – Season 1- Teaser Episode

Aje and Kpako - Season 1- Teaser Episode - elsieisy blog

Aje and Kpako is an animated series created by one of the leading female animators in Nigeria Eguvwe Yogbowre. The aje and kpako series is about two ten year old boys Aje Williams and Okpako Jegede who come from totally different economic backgrounds: the lower class and the upper class ( or ajebutter and ajekpako as it is popularly known in this part of the country) and against all odds they happen to be friends.

The series is set in the 1980s and centres around their growing up in the city of Lagos. It shows how they deal with everyday life as neighbors, classmates and as ‘frenemies’. The series also shows how they deal with the neighborhood bully Kitan.

Eguvwe Yogbowre started creating aje and kpako in 2014, she created a version of aje and kpako singing nursery rhymes , people really loved it and because of the tremendous feedback, She decided to redesign the characters and create the Aje and Kpako series out of it.

In an interview, Eguvwe stated that she was inspired by watching Disney and because of her love for cartoons; she decided to start making animated contents. She also said her family’s happiness and how they laugh at what she creates also inspires her to create more for every child out there who does not have anything to laugh about.

To create something as amazing as the Aje and Kpako series, there had to be numerous challenges faced in the process of production. Eguvwe didn’t hesitate to share hers. She declared that she wasn’t perfect with drawing backgrounds but with the help of Michael  Okoroagha, the challenge became a past tense. The voicing was a problem but with the help of available resources, family members, friends and neighbors, that bridge was crossed.

The Aje and Kpako series aims at showing the world Nigerians as honest, fun loving people who love life. It is an African family entertainment series and is aimed at bringing the family together not forgetting the good old days and where we started, hence the 1980 setting. The ultimate goal is to teach the world our culture through the different languages that will be featured (Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Pidigin English).

The Aje and Kpako series is currently being adapted as a comic book and it would be released very soon. Check out the Aje and kpako animated shots below and on Eguvwe yugbowre’s youtube channel and enjoy.

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