The Perfect Blog Frequency

The Perfect Blog Frequency

People who have decided to own a blog will always ask this question one way or the other, they are worried, they want to get it right, hence they ask this question among many other questions – How frequent should I have a new post on my blog?

I understand.

Though my worries did not start when I was opening my blog. If you have followed my journey, you will know why. I wasn’t under pressure, it wasn’t a business for me, it was just an avenue to share my opinion and a true story of mine (A story I still haven’t shared…LOL)

My worries started when I realised I could make a living from blogging. Then I started asking questions, the questions I should have asked from onset if I was thinking business…but I wasn’t.

Considering the fact that most blog owners in this part of the world are money driven, determining the perfect blog frequency becomes a big deal.

It becomes a big deal because getting original content is a BIGGER DEAL. Is it really? I hope to talk about this sometime soon.

One of the biggest blog in the world, Huffington Post, publishes one piece every 58 seconds.

That’s about 1,600 to 2,000 articles per day.

And this is a stat from 2013. As of today, you can imagine what they do per day.

(And oh, read my feature on Huffington post among other bloggers around the world here)

Coming back home, the number 1 blog in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji blog (correct me if I am wrong), does not have a frequency pattern but I can confirm she has done 100post in a day. However, there are days she does 10 posts or little over 10. Now would you say she isn’t serious? Of course not, she is and the frequency of her post is determined by the amount of relevant gossip circulating per day.

Bella Naija, another top blog in Nigeria, has different people working and posting on the blog on daily basis just like Pulse. You cannot compare their pattern of work to a Linda Ikeji or SDK blog and other one man (woman) bloggers.

As a subscriber of Ogbonge blog, one of the top Tech blogs in Nigeria, I expect a post from him once a week. And he sure do have large following.

For inspiration, one of the blogs I follow is Ikechi Awazie’s Be A Light To The World, if I do not get notification in my mail once a week then something is wrong. He inspires.

For a blog like Nigeria Lazy Chef that has been featured on FeedFeed, krrb, Ventures Africa and CNN twice, she does her posting as her food recipe inspiration comes up but we definitely expect a post from her once a week.

The perfect blog frequency for you can only be determined by you, the blog owner. And this starts by you answering the questions you should ask yourself before you start blogging.

You have to evaluate your niche and your competitors.

Elsieisy blog is one of the top Relationship, Literature and Lifestyle blog in Nigeria. It didn’t start that way, but as time went on, I had to define my niche. Relationship is broad, literature is LOVELY and Lifestyle is another very broad angle where I can have myself say or do anything under that umbrella….Gossip is not our calling here though…LOL. I only get to struggle with content when I am being plain lazy.

The perfect blog frequency for Elsieisy blog is one post per day from Monday to Friday. This does not mean I cannot post on Saturdays and Sundays, it simply means I can breathe and have a lovely weekend. Its my perfect pattern and its working pretty well for me as a blogger and allows me keep up with my other business, jobs and personality obligations.

Most times, all you need do is Test Test and Test. With time, you will find out what works for you and your blog. As much as bloggers think about their audience when making this decision, you should have it at the back of your mind that your audience will key into whatever pattern you choose for yourself as long as you are consistent.

The more frequently you publish, the greater the chances of improving your SEO, so try to publish as often as possible – without dropping dead contents.

No matter the pattern you choose – once a week, one post daily, once a month, there will always be an impromptu upload especially when you are monetized.

If you need further clarification on any blog related issues do send a mail to or simply click HERE for personal consultation.

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  1. Excellent explanation about blogging! Well executed and helpful article for every beginner or newbie blogger living in nigeria ! Thanks for sharing such an valuable article!

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