L.I.F.E – “Living In Financial Excellence” Boot Camp

L.I.F.E - "Living In Financial Excellence" Boot Camp - elsieisy blog

Everyday you spend money; whether you make it or not! This first season, you will spend more money. Why not spend money learning how to make more money? Smile into the new year:

L.I.F.E – “Living In Financial Excellence” Boot Camp

In these dynamic economic times, it is very important to know how and what makes a man rich.

At L.I.F.E, you will Learn:• How to capture your current financial position (personal balance sheet)• Self mastery & Personal Leadership• How to create a wealth map plan that will enable you become financially free in 5 years• How to recognize and take advantage of opportunities to earn more• Organising your career as a business and profiting from it• Turning your talent into money• Family Finances

This is not a talk shop, but a manufacturing space for those tired of the status quo and who need practical guidance.

We are featuring some of the best in our nation with proven results.

AdeoluAKINYEMI, MD Avenues To Wealth Nigeria and West Africa. Nigeria’s foremost financial intelligence expert.

L.I.F.E - "Living In Financial Excellence" Boot Camp - elsieisy blog

YinkaOGUNNUBI, Group Treasury Manager for the CFAO Group in Nigeria and the Head of Treasury (Project Support/Training) covering 12 countries.L.I.F.E - "Living In Financial Excellence" Boot Camp - elsieisy blog

*************************Training Fee: N5,000

GREAT OFFER : Pay 50% and send an email with payment details with the code ELSIE.

I have personally benefited from this training, I’m hoping the first 50 people to take this offer can benefit also.

To register, pay N2, 500 into fantasear int’l ventures – 1771366907 – Skye Bank and fill this form – https://goo.gl/w7NDFY

For more information – lifewithyoma@gmail.com

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