Blog Festival | The Ordinary God | by Tosin Olukuade

At the instance of such appellation, the religious would rush to town questioning, “How dare you call the Almighty One, Ordinary?””What a travesty”, he would say?  “Sacrilegious, indeed!”Spewing his vexation as if he were the mouthpiece of the one he vicariously now defends.Interestingly, his claims to knowledge of the divine does not sit comfortably in the environment of his deeds. His religious self and his known-unknown Almighty God hardly greet; never hi-fived. If only religion hasn’t taken the place of relationship,The religious would have known that by the example givenBy the Son of “his” Almighty God, one never rushes to town in defence of the All-knowing Omnipotence.Rather, he, like the Son he hardly knows should say, “what I see the Father Say or do, same also, I say or do”. Or “as I hear Him, so I judge.”Hell, No! He exclaims; the Almighty can never be the Ordinary God. Little wonder the wise man in a proverbial manner submitted that”Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: andWith all your getting, get understanding.”Here it is: the possession of wisdom without understanding would lead to a life bereft of the right approach or perspective. It is such that denounce the Ordinariness of God. Truly, God is Ordinary. But man has turned him into a complicated being.Every other creation of His agrees to His Ordinariness. Itsthe one in His image that refuses to acquiesce to this truth.He seeks to disprove and theorize his way around the mysterious, seeking for himself, albeit in futility, what originally was not lost. All in a bid to authenticate his own truth: there is no ordinary God. God’s dealings with creation on a daily basis, reveal His ordinariness.Yet we seek Him in the complicated, and He is never found there.Many seek Him out in the congregation of the multitudes; in His Ordinariness, He is seeking for the audience of one.Most adjudge Him to be behind every sign and wonder, yet His Ordinariness reveals that obedience is His only constant. Men seek to please Him by all means; working their way up to Him butHe seeks to reach down to man right where he is – only by GraceMen love to deal with him by strict application of the laws of menHe deals with men according to the exceeding abundance of His loveMen in their understanding and complication choose to live by sight but when he says to man to live by faith, it is in acknowledgement of His ordinary Self. Yet one would ask, how could the One who created all be Ordinary?It sure took the supernatural to create all these; mankind inclusive.And you would be right to attribute the supernatural to the OrdinaryFor truth is, that which is supernatural to us, is Ordinary to Him.And even though men with all their wisdom seek equality with Him, there is yet the supernatural that keeps eluding them: the Ordinary God.

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  1. Thank you for this. We all need the reminder that He is an extra-ordinarily Ordinary God who craves a relationship with us rather than the religiosity we daily feed Him.

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