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Few years ago, I had to refer a close friend to a distant relative who is the CEO of his own company. Being a start-up business at the time, they needed someone to manage their social media platforms and customer service. I couldn’t take the job due to time constraint so he asked I refer someone. I did refer my friend but she didn’t get the job. In fact, the CEO didn’t even open her CV. He was really disappointed at the email she sent as that was enough for him to conclude she wasn’t fit for the job. I understood because I had been opportune to attend FATE FOUNDATION and have been trained on such. But guess what? Even when I went back to tell my friend what she did wrong, she couldn’t fathom the gravity of what she did and I let it go.

I also decided not to blog about this particular topic to avoid the usual “oh, bloggers use their friends stories to push traffic”. So when I came across this informative twitter thread on How to send Job Applications, compiled by Theodorah Manjo @missmanjo, I knew I had to share.

See thread below, read and share:

First of all, your SUBJECT is very important – this is the heading of your email. It tells the person what they are about to read.HOW TO SEND JOB APPLICATIONS - elsieisy blog

Be as descriptive as possible, remember you are NOT the only person applying to this job – and maybe the employer is expecting a lot of CVs

Maybe they are hiring for an Admin, A Graphic Designer and Project Manager – WHAT ARE YOU APPLYING FOR?? Use the subject to tell them

I personally like to add my name to the subject – It adds character & it’s different so I would say “Videographer Position | Name Surname”HOW TO SEND JOB APPLICATIONS - elsieisy blog

Or don’t add your name & say “Application for a Bookkeeper Position” Or “Application for Account Manager at Joe’s Spa” You see the trend?

Now that I know what your email is about- I need to know WHAT about this position & why are you emailing me? Introduce yourself in the mail

DON’T just say “see attached” or “find attached my CV” Excuse me? Do you know how many viruses are out there? Please have some manners.

Tell a BRIEF story of who you are, what you want & what you need from the employer (for them to view your CV) – this is tricky.

Here are a few examples: Mention your name – position – availability – how much you earn & a bold ending.HOW TO SEND JOB APPLICATIONS - elsieisy blog

Here is another example- see how I added some of my personality in this email? I used the language my field uses then directed them to attachmentsHOW TO SEND JOB APPLICATIONS - elsieisy blog

Don’t add TOO much info, remember you want them to open your CV and portfolio. Just wet their appetites with enough. Your CV will speak for you.

Don’t beg for a job no matter how desperate you are. Yes, it’s okay to send an email at night and during the weekend – just don’t spam them.

Remember, if a number is provided, call during WORK HOURS. Would you want someone to call you at 9pm on a Friday night? Exactly.

Create a spreadsheet of the jobs you are applying to. Don’t just mass apply and when they call you, you have NO idea who it is. AWKWARD

Do not forward your CV every time you apply!! It’s dirty & unprofessional. They can see who you applied to & you didn’t even make an effort.

Lastly, SPELL CHECK YOUR EMAIL!! Please, your email and CV are your first impressions – don’t be sloppy and lazy. This is your FUTURE!

Imagine if an employer wrote in SMS language, didn’t address you properly & had spelling errors… Would you take that job seriously? Nope.

Always give applications 2 weeks before calling/emailing to follow up. Don’t be pushy, just gently ask if they received your goods and if all is in order; yes, you may ask if the position has been filled and always thank the employer for their time. Hope this helps

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