Around the world in a few lines

I was going through my precious blue book when I found this, it’s one of the first poems I wrote and Elsie recently asked why I have a poetry channel and never post poems on the blog so I thought “why not share this?” Hope you like it.

Standing on the snowcapped zenith of Mount Everest,

I feel the Earth beneath me

Sitting by Egypt’s pyramids,

I travel back thousands of years and watch the builders at work;

Were they willing Egyptians or enslaved Israelites?

I cannot tell, for everyone looks the same.

I take my boat down the river Niger so I can find it’s end

But I fear I might have taken a wrong turn somewhere because I’m suddenly on lake Chad

I explore the grand forests of Southern Africa

And go on an Elephant ride in India

I’m suddenly in England

Where I’m getting married to the Prince

We honeymoon in China

And on the great wall share a kiss.

Now I’m back on Mount Everest

And the Earth still is beneath me.

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