A Guy’s Dilemma III


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“Adenike…that one will never call sef. Who knows if she has a boyfriend abi boyfriends. All these girls of nowadays can lie jor”

Adenike had a long fun filled night with the girls. They call it “Girls night out”. Had little alcohol, danced, a lot of gist, girls gossips and laughter, little flirting…summarily, she had a fun filled night. Adenike really liked John’s personality, she talked a little about him to her friends but told them she wasn’t sure John liked her that much and she was going to lay low and hope he makes a move real soon.

Blessing, her naughty friend told her to go for him if she really wants him. In her words, she said “This is the 21st century babe, don’t dull abeg. When did you become this timid?” Adenike waved off the advice. “Babe I’ve been there and done that. I need to be sure, if he likes me and if he is man enough, he will reach out and I’ll get the message fast enough. Trust your girl na. She winked and they all laughed.

John had nothing to do for the rest of the day so he decided to clean up the house and do some washing since there was light.In just about an hour or there about, the house cleaning and laundry was done. Many thanks to the washing machine he just bought.

Just as he sat down on the cushion, admiring his job, he suddenly felt a thump in his belly it was then he realized how hungry he was and sensed his tummy would start a riot very soon. He went to his neighbor to get food. John has always seen himself as a very lucky bachelor to have Tastee Fried Chicken as a next compound neighbor.

After treating himself to a delicious fried rice, with vegetable and cat fish for breakfast, he went back home to freshen up and as he was getting ready to plug his TV game console that would engage him all day, his phone rang again.

He picks up..

He picks up..”Guy, how far?”  ………..”I dey o”…..”Nothing is happening, just chilling at home. Na game sure pass”……”which wan?”……who and who dey go?…..”time?”….. “Ok make I call you back. Give me 15minutes”

It was John’s friend Jide, telling him of a beach plan including Jide, his girlfriend, his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend.John was very interested in going with them to the beach but the thought of him being the single guy going to a beach with 2 couples was really scary.

“Well..inviting Adenike won’t be a bad idea, I pray she doesn’t say No. I have not spoken to her since Monday. I truly hope she says yes”

*He dials Adenike’s number and she picks up.* “Hi handsome” John smiles and replied “Hello beautiful, how are you this morning?” “I’m fine dear, thanks. How are you?” She replies. “I’m doing good” he says.Just as he was thinking of how to invite her to the beach hang out, she asked “how’s your saturday going?”. He didn’t waste time to shout “boring” she laughed and went “*awww pele dear” without wasting any time, John speaks up “Er….m, My friend called me up to join in a beach hangout. I don’t want to go alone, so I was hoping you don’t have a wedding to attend today.” Adenike, laughing at the wedding statement asked “what if I don’t have a wedding to attend?” “Then  you will be my date” John replied. “Hehehehehe! So having a wedding to attend is the only obstacle that can possibly stop me from going to the beach with you?”. “Ok beauty, I’m a gentle man, so I would ask politely. Adenike darling, please be my date to the beach. I know I’m just telling you this bit I really need you by my side today” Adenike already flattered at the use of the word “Need” let all her girlie guard down and simply asked “what time should I be ready?” Where do I pick you up by 1?” John asked.  “I would be at the mall by 1. Please don’t keep me waiting. “I sure won’t want you to be stolen away before I get there” they both laughed. “See you soon” John ended the call.


At the beach

After much pleasantries and introductions. There was a general gist that lasted just 30mins and each guy practically faced his babe. John thanked God silently in his heart that Adenike came around. He looked at her and smiled, she smiled back and said “let’s go for a walk” John agreed without hesitation and they both excused themselves.

They walked hand in hand for about 2minutes, enjoying the view and the rhythmic dance of the ocean without saying a word.”Adenike thinking, Here we are. Walking hand in hand. I really like this guy. God please let him be single, let him accept me for who I am and let him ask the question right now”

” In John’s thought, I’ve been in this lonely zone for too long. I need to get my life back, Betty is definitely happy with him now. Here is Adenike, totally mature and loving, I like her and am sure she likes me too. Come to think of it, no girl will accept going to the beach with a guy at such short notice if they are not dating or she has no feelings for the guy. I should make a move”

John breaks the silence “Nike” “yes dear” she replied. “Can you be my woman?”Nike gave a shy smile and called out John in a very sexy way. John continued “I’m serious about this Nike. I know we just met but I like your personality and I hope we grow to love each other. That is if you would let us.” Adenike stopped walking, held John’s hand, looked into his eyes and planted a kiss on his chin. “Let’s try” she said. John gave Adenike a bear hug …..And that was the beginning of a new chapter for John.

***Both of them were very open, not assuming, no doubts, great deal of understanding, love , caring and sharing, theirs can be described as 3 months of an almost perfect relationship.

One friday evening, Adenike sends John an SMS which read”Hi love, hope you had a stress-free day. There’s something I need to talk to you about. Please let me know when we can see”

The tone of the SMS gave John a bit of concern. First, Adenike doesn’t send sms, she either calls or pings. She prefers calling. Then wanting to talk about something?

What could this be? He wondered while dialing Adenike’s number almost immediately. He asked her to come over to his place. She got to his house at about 8pm but there was something very unusual about her look. “No handbag!” Just a purse. John had never seen her without a handbag especially standing at his door at 8pm on a Friday night.

Baby, where’s your travelling bag? He asked. Trying to make a joke out of the scenario but Adenike just gave a shabby smile and he knew something must be wrong.

“Not again! Not again! This was the exact way Betty broke up with me, first it was an SMS of wanting to talk, and also it happened on a Friday night. What have I done wrong this time again?. Why do they choose Fridays? Can’t they just break up with me on a Saturday? Am I cursed? Which kain life be this? I’m finished. I truly have a problem and my mum must hear about this problem.”

John was extremely worried but tried hard not to let it show. He moved closer to Adenike, held her hands and asked what was wrong? Do you need money for something? Is everyone fine at home? Are you pregnant? …..John kept asking series of question hoping his nightmare doesn’t happen again.

No! Not again. Just as she sat half way into the cushion she started talking. “Baby I know how much you care about me, I hate myself for keeping this away from you for so long, I know you’d hate me forever for this, I know you’d not want to set your eyes on me anymore, I din’t mean to hurt you, I should have told you this from the day we had dinner, or maybe at the beach, but I was scared you would walk away. Now I have to face the truth….John I am sorry I lied to you. I really am sorry…but the truth is………

John already devastated”Where on earth did this curse come from, Mother’s side? Father’s? Choi! Pastor gave some prayer point against curse and I never took it serious. See my life! Which kain life be this?”  He had both hands on his head, resting his elbow on his knee and waiting for the good bye gist.

I have a daughter. Her name is Pamilerin, she’s five years old and her dad denied the pregnancy. I was in my 100 Level studying Business studies in Unilag when I got pregnant. I really hurt my parents then but they were supportive after everything. There wasn’t much I could do after he denied the baby than to face the shame and stigma and have my baby. I dropped out of school and then continued my education when Pamilerin clocked 1 but it had to be part time. My parents have been very supportive and I’m eternally grateful to them. As for the father of my child, I never heard from him since then.

John was a bit relieved that Adenike wasn’t walking away after all and that he wasn’t under a curse, he gave Adenike a hug. Adenike was taken aback at his action and remained dumbfounded. John looked into her eyes and said “baby, we are in this together, I want to meet Pamilerin as soon as possible”

Adenike could not believe what was happening, the tears of pain and the fear of rejection that filled her eyes were being replaced with tears of Joy. She held onto John this time around like she wasn’t ready to let go.

After a while she realized it was late and that she needed to go home. She jumped up and was about to take her leave. John pulled her back, holding her waist and planted a seductive kiss on her lips. “Are you leaving your 2nd child lonely tonight?” She giggled and reminded him that she didn’t come with her traveling bag with a great emphasis on the travelling bag.

John looked at the clock and said “Baby you know we could just drive out and get whatever you might need.” Kissing her neck and slowly finding his way under her shirt.

Oh sweety!..That’s tempting but don’t let us start, I didn’t tell mum I won’t be coming home and your Elder sister too.

They both laughed and John had no choice than to accept having a lonely Friday night at least it wasn’t the first.

Elder sis wins! They laugh again. John dropped Adenike off, kissed good night and they both slept like a baby.

John totally didn’t think of the fact that he partially accepted to be a father to another man’s child……..



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  1. A very interesting literature coming from this blog as always!!\nA story that touches the soft part of a man’s heart.\nLooking forward to the concluding part.\nThumbs Up Elsieisy!!

  2. Moi heart iyaff kii me wii all dis tories. So thrilling, intriguing and filled with so much suspense… I want more sweery, u should pick up script writing *smilling @ ma ibo man brain. Oya where prt 4?

  3. Awwwwwwwn! Story that touches the heart mehn! Always impressed with your write ups! #Chopknuckle dear! Hope they last together! Pls dnt keep us waiting for too long for part 4!

  4. Very nice story…I missed the part II but not to worry,i’ll read it right away and pls dont forget the part IV oo..i’m luving it already. 🙂

  5. Wow! How did you get that from a Guy’s perspective? you must have so many boys around you. Interesting story! keep it up!

  6. I seriously don’t like series and suspense, but this is really good stuff. Nice one b. Hope the next part comes out soon. Cheers

  7. Intresting read, caught my attention from start to finish. Couldn’t even drop while on a low battery had to plug ma phone on the PC cos there was a blackout.\nMy title for this should be “the Dilemma of a reader” lol cos u didn’t allow me finish this. Can’t wait for the remaining.\n\nCheers\nff @gbengalite\nPublish your ebook with http://www.facebook.com/streetpubltd

  8. Babe! Pls finish Τ̲̅ђε̲̣ story! What happened afterwards? Nice one ma’am.

  9. Its been a while I read something so romantic. Reminds me of da good ol days when I was young and so much in love and couldn’t wait to get my hands on mills and boons or any hints magazine. Nice one Elsie

  10. Elsie u are really a good writer, God is gonna take u higher..its just a matter of time….interesting story

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