8 Years of Marriage Ends Because of Pubic Hair

8 Years of Marriage Ends Because of Pubic Hair - elsieisy blog

Yeah, you read right. I was as surprised as you are right now. This madness is getting out of hand and I think some people need deliverance o. This is no ordinary eyes o.Some Nigerians are already on the post as usual, blaming the woman for not being matured enough to hold her marriage and that compromise something something but I am still in shock to have an opinion. Ewww! Read a true story published by Umoh Gabriel on Facebook: 

Ewwwww????I can’t deal with this oYou will be there full of excitement about the public holiday & someone will just give you this kind of hilarious but sad news..Just when i thought I’ve seen & heard it all?I find it extremely hard to believe that a marriage of 8 years just came to an end over a little, insignificant & ordinary thing like ‘PUBIC HAIR’..?Hilarious & hard to believe right?Well, you better believe because it’s as true & real as the hardship in Nigeria.So this man just wakes up & tells madam he wants her to keep afro in her you know..?Madam refused because it makes her feel dirty & itches as well.At first it sounded so funny that after 8 years of doing it smooth, oga now wants to enjoy it with afro.Oga why the sudden change & desire for afro?Does it mean you have been doing away match with someone who keeps afro?Now i know the devil is really out to destroy some homes, because i can’t believe ordinary thing like Pubic hair can break a marriage.How will they explain it to their kids?Now someone with sense will leave that man & blame the woman for not keeping afro down there just to make her husband happy, forgetting it’s her body & anything that brings discomfort to her is not worth keeping.I think it’s time we do a mental check on some people before marriage.All these years this man was always doing it smooth o, only for him to suddenly crave for the afro feeling.What happened? Why the change?Who will compromise for the other?You wake up & tell a grown woman of 38 who has been shaving her pubic hair for God knows how long to start keeping afro after 8 years of marriage just because you suddenly discover your love for afro down there & you don’t put her discomfort into consideration?.Choii.. women have suffered?Some men are wicked?Oga if you are tired of the marriage, say itIf it’s for occultic reasons, tell us oJust don’t expect us to believe you suddenly discover at 43 that you now prefer afro down there.Argghhhh… i can’t comprehend mbok.Infact i give up on some marital issues.Jesus Christ did not come to die for this one.

What do you think biko?Image source – notey.com

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  1. Nawao! Eleyi gidigan! The man never talk true jare! He has been doing away match with a Bae dat has afro down dere jhoor. These men sef, dey can b so inconsiderate, he knows very well dat his wife always shaves so wats his problem.. mtcheeeew, matters like this dey make me vex fa. Nobody shld blame d woman biko.. Bh dey shld try n settle.. Marriage of 8 years no b bread n tea jare.!

  2. As in my sister…I can’t believe it oo.. 8yrs..maybe dere was no love in d first place sha

  3. Exactly! Maybe love no dey b4, cos I can’t understand y jez pubic hair will end a marriage of 8yrs.tinx are happening fa.

  4. Am tempted to believe there is an underlying story which is not known to the public. I think the husband is allowing the devil to use him.

  5. Mehn, after 8years the man just wake up, cook one stupid story say na pubic hair him want to dey see… Omo, psychologically d man need brain scan!Na d woman I just pity! 8years wasted!

  6. Thought it was the lady keeping public hair before I read down. Na wah self fir the man. Wanted to advise he do the shaving himself if he had asked her to be going cleanly shaved under but since its the man wanting it now, would say it is not worth it jare. He don tire for the marriage. Because a woman should be submissive to her husband doesn’t mean she should take all the shit.

  7. Lmao.. i almost cried reading this.Haaaa!! Truly, blood test isn’t enough, intending couples should also carry out a tesr on the mental health of their partner

  8. Lmao.. i almost cried reading this.Haaaa!! Truly, blood test isn’t enough, intending couples should also carry out a test on the mental health of their partner

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