Bill and Sandra: On Beauty | by William Ifeanyi Moore

Bill and Sandra On Beauty by William Ifeanyi Moore - elsieisy blog

It was the type of day you’d imagine out of a book, warm weather, blue sky, and crisp air with a gentle breeze. The perfect condition for a waterside cocktail date. As far as first dates went, Bill thought this one was definitely one of his best ones. Actually he only refused to rank it his best because he’d rather live in denial than admit that a girl he had initially not thought much about could charm him with what came off as effortless ease.

‘So…is this like a date?’ he asked in-between sips of his strawberry daiquiri.

‘I would answer that but I just can’t get over your lady drink. And you cross your legs. Is there something you’re not telling me?’ she smiled and winked at him.

‘Very funny. You see if I wasn’t already aware of how sneaky you were I would have fallen for that. You’re going to answer my question and there is nothing wrong with my drink. This stuff will get you wasted.’ He uncrossed his leg unsure if it was a reaction to her joke or him just being tired of crossing them.

‘Ooo…I really thought I was going to escape that.’ She said.

‘Yeah right, nice try. But I don’t get it. This isn’t even such a hard question.’ He set his drink down on the table.

She paused for a second to compose her answer.

‘Well yes, it’s a date. That’s normally the case when two people that aren’t really trying to be friends hangout.’

‘How do you know I’m not trying to be just friends? You could be standing in my friend zone right now.’ He flashed a smug smile.

‘Well you just asked me if this was a date so don’t even try it.’

‘Damn it!, you got me.’

She watched him in a somewhat distant manner and as if out of the blue of her mind she blurted, ‘What do you think of me?’

He paused.

‘I don’t understand. Like, in what aspect?’

‘Well, let’s start with the easy part shall we. Do you think I’m good looking?’

‘Are you even allowed to ask that question? Like, shouldn’t it come from me as a compliment?’

‘I don’t care too much for rules. So, do you find me beautiful or not?’ she flicked her hair in mock exaggeration.

‘Well…aesthetically speaking I’m sure mathematically you have near enough perfect facial symmetry. And as for your body, let’s just say you could carry twins on those hips and will never run out of milk. Did you know attraction is very much correlated to how fit a person looks for child rearing?’

She wasn’t sure why she was blushing over his rather nerdy rendition.

‘A yes or no would have sufficed but I’d take that epistle.’

‘Well, I didn’t really have an answer to the question. So I decided to answer another question.’

‘I don’t understand?’ she shot him a puzzled look.

‘You are pretty, very pretty, but it’s not the same thing as being beautiful.’

She reflected in silence.

‘How so?’

‘Anybody can be pretty given the right set of genes, socio-cultural standards, brilliant makeup skills, or a very good plastic surgeon. But beauty on the other hand can’t be bought.’

‘Are you saying beauty is not something you see?’

‘Precisely, it’s something you feel. Like art. That’s what makes it subjective. What’s that popular saying?’ he squinted to jog his memory.

‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,’ she offered, ‘don’t burst an artery.’

‘That’s the one. I can’t even tell you why something or someone is beautiful. It just is or they just are.’

‘Hmmm…so you see beauty as an idea?’

‘I suppose you could say that…’

‘So you don’t yet know if I am beautiful?’

‘Not yet, but you already pull the beauty string in my heart. I only need time to confirm it.’ He smiled.

‘You charmer.’ They both laughed for no reason.

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