6 Sex Tools Every Guy Should Have for a More Interesting Sex Life

Are you sexually active and would like to have an adventurous, fun sex life? If yes, this article is for you.

Having sex shouldn’t be a boring activity, whether you are married or not. You should be able to have as much fun as you want. For this to be possible, there are specific ways to spice up your sex life. One of such ways is to get certain sex tools.

So, aside from having a good bed with proper lighting, below are 6 Sex Tools you should consider getting:


You can simply get a finger vibrator, small but significant. I have used a vibrator during sex, and it is a lovely experience. Imagine you sucking her nipples while using the vibrator on her? It is an epic feeling. You should know that penetration is most times not enough to give a woman orgasm. Women often require clitoral stimulation for this. A vibrator will do an excellent job of stimulating the woman’s clitoris. Another benefit is that the woman will enjoy the sex with you and likely return for more. You can consider getting other sex toys, especially if you are into BDSM.


Get some high-quality lube. Women who get dry easily will appreciate you for this. However, it is essential to get high-quality lubricants. Some people are fond of using saliva or oil. This is not really advisable. Also, avoid cheap lubes, which might not be effective. There are risks like vaginal yeast infections and condom breaks if you don’t go for the right lube. Therefore, go for a thick, water-based, organic lube as it has more real staying power.  With the right lube, sex can be smoother and sweeter.

Varieties of condoms

Although you may have your favourite condom, you should note that every woman (and every vagina) is different. Some women can be allergic to a particular variety of condoms.  I have had a situation of a woman’s body reacting to a specific variety of condoms. If you find yourself in such a situation, you have to change to another variety. Therefore, it is crucial to have a variety of condoms.

Clean-up tools

You can use a tissue or get wipes. If you are using sex toys, get sex toy cleaners. We all know that sex can be messy, especially when you have to do pull-out. Instead of getting a towel or using one of your used clothes or bedsheets, get a tissue or wipes. Also, the idea is not to leave your partner to do the cleaning. You have to do the cleaning; she can choose to assist you. Don’t shy away from the messiness and be a clean man.

Sex-themed games

There are a number of sex-themed games. I found some nice sex-themed dice on Jumia. They are pretty much affordable. You can play the games with your partner to set the mood for foreplay. Also, this makes you look more like a fun person to your partner, who would enjoy your company so much that she would likely crave more.

Sex Playlist

Well, yes, this counts. Have at least a sex playlist. You can create yours. Or simply find them online via Apple Music, YouTube Music, Boomplayer, Audiomack, etc. It is a good feeling when the right song is playing in the background. It makes sex more exciting. Therefore, consider having at least a good sex playlist.

Thank you for reading. Do you have suggestions or comments? Kindly share them with me in the comment section. Have a beautiful sex life!

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