5 Period myths!

the day i saw that thing called period- Smart safe period

There are series of period myths that have been passed on, from generation to generation like it’s an inheritance, especially among rural women Which has kept them misinformed about their body and also deprive them of some opportunities.

  1. Period blood is bad blood

Some Women believe that menstruation is the removal of bad blood, whereas, menstruation is a natural and necessary process in order to develop reproductive activities.

  1. Don’t Cook during menstrual period

Like seriously, this is as funny as funny can be, they believe that cooking during your period will not allow the food to be properly cooked or it gets sour Immediately. There is no linkage between cooking and menstrual period.

  1. You should not touch a plant or fruit

Some women have been told to keep away from fruits, plant and farm produce while on their period as the plant will die and the farm produce will rotten. This is totally not true.

  1. Never talk about your period in public.

In most rural areas in Africa and Asia, girls are not allowed to talk about their period in public, they believe it is a taboo and could cause their gods to get angry. They are not even allowed to keep their unused pads where the eyes can see it.

  1. Burning Menstrual cloths is bad

Some believe that burning menstrual cloths has negative consequences such as infertility, itching all over the body because it is human blood.

Get involved as we (Safe and Smart period) debunk these menstrual myths and also distribute free sanitary pads to a hundred girls in Gbokoto village on the 12th of December. A menstrual hygiene Management kit serving a girl for a whole year is just 3, 000 Naira.

For Donations, partnership and enquiries please send a mail to donatessperiod@gmail.com or text 08188902591.

The Day I Saw That Thing Called Period - Safe and Smart period

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