TRIBUTE TO MAMA by Adegoke Olaoye

Adegoke Olaoye

24 years ago you left this world mom, it’s been quite a while now and the vacuum you left is yet to be filled.I wish I knew you moreThe way you talkedThe way you smiledThe way you livedThe way you interacted with people around you.I heard you were a Godly woman, the woman or mom every child would pray to have and yes you lived the life to the fullest. 24 years ago you left and I’m still struggling now,I never had the chance to tell you I love you or to even say how much I loved you,I never had the chance to know how it feels to touch you,I never had the chance to know what it means to interact with you,I never had the chance to know what it means to have the ‘heart to heart’ talk a mother and child usually have,I don’t know what it feels like to walk or work with you,The groceriesThe errandsThe argumentsThe disagreementThe differencesThe agreementThe laughsThe criesThe prayersAnd everything a child would wish for Tomorrow is another mothers’ day mom, the day I’ve always tried to miss because, it’s been a nightmare to me, not the fairy tale moment every child always have with his/her mom, for the past 24 years since you left I’ve cried,I’ve dreamt,I’ve wished,I’ve hoped,Just to see you, touch you, know you, and hug you but it seems my request is way beyond my imaginations or anything thing I would ever ask for. Even though you’re no longer around I will always be proud to have come to earth through you I will tell the world how much I love you I will tell the world you lived the way a virtuous woman ought to live I’m sure you are somewhere in heaven smiling at me and my siblings knowing we grew up in the way of the Lord and with the love of God in our hearts, which I knew and heard you’ve always prayed and wished for. I’ll continue to make you proudI’ll continue to tell the world about youI’ll continue to love you. P.S: if you still have your mom around, don’t wait till tomorrow to tell her you love her and you’ll make her proud someday, Tell her you love her nowHug her nowKiss her nowHold her nowBuy her things nowPray for her nowPray with her nowMake her proud now Don’t wait till tomorrow because it may be too late. To you mom, I’ll forever tell the world who you are and how much you loved God. I will love you always and forever mom. Your last son, 

Adegoke Olaoye

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