Recognize and Embrace your Flaws; This is the Way to Survive

Recognise and Embrace Your Flaws - That is the Way to Survive - elsieisy blog

If you do not recognize and embrace your flaws, you are giving human beings power to hurt you. Are you short/fat/skinny? Is your nose irregular? Whatever it is. Be proud of it.  Because when they have nothing to criticize you for (even when they do), they start picking on those things and if you are not mentally ready, they’d break you.

Learn from this…this is how I get-by

I also do not know why some people still believe that they can get your attention by saying distasteful things about you, at you, online. Well, maybe that works with major and mini celebrities who are yet to truly love themselves.

You will never get my attention that way. You don’t even get my attention by complimenting my looks, so how do you think you will get my attention by being outright rude? LOL I am in love with the way I am wired. Most people don’t get it, but it keeps me sane.

If you do not recognize and embrace your flaws, you are giving human beings power to hurt you. Click To Tweet

You can only get my attention by saying something I’m interested in, being intelligent, joining my conversations online, reasonably. You don’t even have to support my opinion. Just make yours without being rude or condescending. We are not here to fight.

I sincerely used to think people who try to get your attention by saying nasty things to you have grown past it. Call me gullible for thinking that way. The world is a step better, always, in my head.  LOL

I mean I encountered them a lot in the past and my mom would usually tell me never to pay such people any attention. Because they will always be small minded and intimidated by you. Thereby finding different ways to bring you down.

So why am I ranting? I am here to gist you. Stay with me;

This morning, someone called me ‘short’ on Twitter when he saw my photo with the Nigerian Professional footballer who also plays as a forward for Premier League club ArsenalAlex Iwobi on Twitter, and he called me short. Of course he was condescending but that wasn’t my problem because I know I’m 5.1”. Alex Iwobi and Elsie Godwin - elsieisy blog Photo of Elsie Godwin and Alex Iwobi - elsieisy blog Elsie Godwin and Alex Iwobi

If that is short to you, it’s fine by me. I tell myself I’m short anyways. I also know I’m petite and gorgeously beautiful. Like I’m not your mate in the beauty game. My skin is just too peng for your filtered self and I’m not seeing you. Have you seen me Naked? Oh no, you can’t.

Sorry I digressed, couldn’t help it.

Then the same person replied to my unbothered response, stating he’s sending a DM to talk business. At the time I read the business tweet, I sincerely didn’t know it came from the same person who called me ‘short’. Have you seen my mentions? I get buried, fam. All I do is be polite to every message I want to respond to. I don’t even look at the handles.

So he sends a DM, explaining his business and that he would love to work with me to position his brand as he is coming into a market where we have two major brands already. He then asked for my number for better communication. I gave.

Few seconds later, my phone rings and it’s the Mr. who introduces himself as the CEO of his new company. We exchange pleasantries and the next thing is him apologizing for being rude to me with his reply on Twitter. I was lost. I had to ask, “What did you do?” He started explaining that he was the one who called me short on Twitter and that he did it to get my attention. I sincerely went, “Oh you did?” I mean, I know I got few replies calling me short but I definitely wasn’t going to pay attention to who said that or what handle it came from. It was really an “are you just noticing?” situation in my head.

My dear, my sharp mouth did not let it go, even when this was a conversation with a potential client. I had to ask – “Brother, but why do you think you have to be rude to get my attention, does that even make any sense to you?” He went “Oh no, I am your follower, I follow your every tweet, I just don’t reply to them or respond. I’m one of your ghost followers and I thought that to get your attention I should say something”.

“Be rude? How does being rude get you my attention? I mean, I still didn’t notice the handle with the rudeness, I only noticed the handle wanting to talk business. And if you didn’t mention that you were the rude one on this phone conversation, I probably will never know.”

My people. I went on and on until I made my point. Then we talked business.

What am I trying to say?

If you are one of those people who think being rude online is the only way to get people’s attention, then I am begging you to rethink. That’s a very bad orientation and I hope you let it go, today.

Even if you get the attention you crave by being rude, I highly doubt it will land you in the person’s good books.

Oh! And there are people who do these things from a genuine place – I choose to believe so. They see something about you but they can’t focus on the progress even if it’s 99%, they rather focus on the 1% that gives them something bad to talk about. If you are unconsciously in this category, please unconsciously remove yourself too.

If you never encourage a person in his or her journey, why do you think you criticism is needed? Whenever you are about to make a comment online or offline, please ask yourself these questions;

Is it fair?

Is it hurtful?

Will I be doing the other person good or not?

Is this comment necessary at this time?

Is it uplifting?

Am I being humane?

Will it bring positive outcomes or not?

Is it just? Of goodwill?

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things – Say such things.

Finally, you need to note that totally loving yourself is the only way to not be affected by negative remarks.

Thank you for reading my rants.

I love you

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  1. I absolutely loved reading this article Elsie. Truly, embracing one’s flaws is the first line of self defence against trolls and cyber bullies. It takes a lot of mental discipline not to be affected sometimes, but what I tell my self when a person makes a mean comment and exaggerates my flaws is that their opinion is not a reflection of the truth or fact, neither is it God’s opinion or the opinion of my loved ones as a result it doesn’t matter or count, AT ALL.
    Beautiful piece. You inspire me to be more dedicated to writing ops and personal pieces. Well done .

  2. Woooow, I just picked up ma wife’s phone and the title picksma interest.
    Thanks for sharing that, I experience it life everyday not online this time oo.
    People say aweful things at me every time and in the end when I don’t give them the needed attention, then they say am full of masef. This article just made ma day. Thanks so much.

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