Sex And Relationship

When it comes to sex and relationship, the justification for or against it before marriage keeps going back and forth. At the end of such argument, you are either told to abstain or do what your heart tells you to be the right thing.

The group of people standing against premarital sex seems to be losing the feud as most of them are found doing the exact thing they preach against. It then boils down to more people being hypocrites.

Sex and relationship

I personally have always supported virgins and encourage them to ignore what society says, ignore what social media puts out, ignore memes and remain so as long as they can. Give it up when and if you are convinced to do so within you and you are ready to bear all consequences attached to leaving a stress free life (The virgin life). Deciding to give up your virginity because of some promises made by some dude is a serious case of OYO!

As for guys, there is no separate rule for you. It is also a thing of joy for your babe to know you are a virgin…YES! It’s not a one sided issue. You can’t be looking for a virgin when you are not half a virgin.

And as for the ones that are already in the game, I say do the right thing. Now how do we know what the right thing is?

How do you know when to close and when to open?

How do you know when to put and when not to put?

How do you know this partner is right for you and is time to introduce sex?

What questions do you have about SEX and Relationship?

Join Chidolue Julia Chinonye as she answers your questions on SEX & Relationship.

Chidolue Julia Chinonye is a versatile Nigerian writer, poet, script writer, self-development & leadership blogger and an all-round Lover of arts.

She successfully rounded off her foundation in Law degree programme (diploma) in 2010 at Holborn College, London where she got fast-tracked with an outstanding overall performance, after which she furthered her Legal studies at Houdegbe North American University, Benin Republic.

Over the years, she has explored viable opportunities towards advancing her writing skills few of which was working as an editorial assistant at Omenka Gallery, 2011 and as a chief editor of the Creative Writers’ Association (CSA), 2013/15.

Constantly inspired by people, dreams and goals, she builds her thoughts into rich motivational tools of self-development.

She’s currently working on a few publications set to be released soon, one of which is a poem anthology that touches on all aspects of life.

She blogs at, a creative platform which she uses to inspire readers with motivational life-changing articles, inspiring words of poetry and creative stories that impact on lives.

Sex and relationship

Chidolue Julia Chinonye will be talking SEX and Relationship at the ‘HANGOUT WITH ELSIEISY


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