4 signs he is serious with you

he is serious with you

This will be a bit tough following the recent trend – ‘confused guys’. With all due respect guys, y’all are too confused to be taken serious until you put a ring on it. Not like I blame you all though, if I were a boy, I probably would want to hit a good number of vjayjays before settling with one (I wish) till death. I mean, the number of sexy fine girls in the world now is alarming coupled with the fact that sex is now nothing until love gbabs you. Have you visited instagram lately? OMG! The good news is this, most girls (at least from this part of the world) are now graphic artists. With the help of all these apps, like ‘photo wonder’ and the likes, where you can extend your boobs and hips then increase your height and reduce your waist for free, nothing seems real anymore. But the bad news is, guys still drool over these IG and Facebook babes even though they get disappointed at first sight. What more can I say? The Devil is a liar. The excuse being stated, I will share some tips on how to know he is serious with you. At the end of it all, you just have to open your heart and head. That’s all 

  1. He spend his free time with you – His free time might be much or little, depending on what he does for a living but he makes an efforts. Now I don’t mean during the first stage of the relationship when the love is still blind and shacking o. Fake men will spend even work time to chase you for the you know and bounce back when they are tired of you.


  1. He keeps in touch – I don’t think there is any guy in any part of the world who would want to be serious with you and not want to keep in touch. It’s just logical. Your heart dwells where your treasure is. If he cares about you he will keep in touch. No one is too busy for 24hrs to make 1min call. And for the guys that claim they don’t like calls, please please please, stop believing that bullshit. This is 2015! You are not the one that wakes his butterfly. That’s all


  1. Defined intentions – you need to stop assuming a guy wants to marry you o. This is why we have people dating one guy for 5, 6, 7, 8 – 11 years and get jilted at the end of the day. Even the ones that clearly define the destination of whatever they have still get jilted talk more of you without destination or road map. Remember he said, I want you to be my girlfriend and not I want you to be my wife. He said I want us to go on a date, not I want us to walk down the aisle. He said let’s see if we can work out and you said yes. When did he give you the result of the trying to work out? Why do you suddenly want to assume that he would want to marry you because he is dating you or y’all are shagging? Better begin spreading your net well when he isn’t making any serious moves or saying anything towards that direction. For all you know, your sleeping position might have made him think in his mind – ‘I can’t marry this girl but we can still be cool till I find someone else’ or some funny reasons. Men are weird, people are weird. For your own good, once you all are in to the 6months one year mark, start asking questions o, where are we headed. This is not a coming out as desperate issue, it is what it is. If there is no destination, start entering the next available bus. No time. It’s better to remain single and let people know you are still in the market than be hooked with someone who would send the potential suitors away. Heaven helps those who help themselves.


  1. Interested in every single details – A guy who wants to spend the rest of the better part of his life with you will want to know what you are all about. Your goals, your ambitions, how you plan to get there and what you need to get there. He would even become your unofficial special adviser and counsellor. If money is involved and he has it, he will willingly spend it because in his mind, he would want to align your life in a way that would favor you and him when and if eventually he settles with you. He doesn’t turn deaf ears to the things you do or the things that interest you. You can’t be dating a guy who doesn’t know what you do for a living and what it entails then claim you are in a relationship o. That’s what we call – ‘situationship”

 A word is enough…… 

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