This one girl

this one girl

My name is Martins and I take pleasure in writing erotics. The one funny thing about me writing erotics is that I don’t read through. Once I am done, I copy, paste and publish. I enjoy having too many readers land on my blog to read my sex-in-my-head stories. It gives me this you-are-not-the-most-perverted-guy feel. Not like I don’t have sex, I do. I am not a virgin, neither am I that sex starved but I admit to the fact that I don’t get frequently laid. However, whenever I do (thanks to the only girl who found me attractive enough to be her side D), I make sure I played out every fantasy in my head and the ones I had seen online once in a while – once in a while because man has to manage data – MB.

Posting this articles on my blog became my hobby. When I get bored or horny, I write, copy, paste and publish. As far as blogging goes, I didn’t have the Linda Ikeji dream or brand building thoughts, that was all there is for me. Then I noticed something, my inbox – twitter and email started getting notifications. I didn’t dare share my posts on Facebook because I didn’t want any form of family meeting on my case. Most messages were from ladies telling me how they enjoyed reading my stories. Initially, I responded with just ‘Thank you’ but after a while, I got a revelation or what is it they call it sef, vision? It was very clear and sound – “why don’t you try practicing this thoughts on these feedbackers, they might be willingly and adventurers”


At first, I resisted the voice out of fear. I told myself these ladies were just commending my good job, nothing more. After two weeks, low and behold, it was the early morning vision, on a Saturday morning. Clearer and louder, “Try help yourself with these feedbacker”…..I shook my head vigorously, looked down at my penis nodding to approve the message. That was when I decided to give it a try, after all, even if I got a ‘no’, it won’t be to my face.

I cursed that day for being a Saturday, I mean, I could easily escape any follow up thought if it was any day between Monday to Friday but it had to be a Saturday, no early morning work movement. I guess the devil is just too good with timing….I picked up my Blackberry phone, opened wordpress app, did what I know how to do best, titled it ‘early morning sex rush’ and hit publish.

Remember I said the Devil is a bad guy? Yea he definitely is. It took less than 10minutes from publish time, I got 3 messages in my twiter DM (Direct messages) I sighed and opened. Checked them 3 ladies out and chose the one with the most appealing avatar (twitter display picture)…she sent “nice story, very detailed’ and I responded with “thanks girly but you know we could try what you just read out

It got me all wet already”, was the next message I saw. In no time the deal was sealed and I had a very hot booty for the weekend. That was how it all started. You know how you get to expand idea when you are able to deal with the spirit of procrastination? Yes, that was what I did.

I started by selecting all the babes I wanted to and had mentally fucked on my BBM list to a category. Then I would write stories, erotics ofcourse, hardcore sweet driven sex erotics, published and send to this list of bbm contacts as a BC (broadcast message). Gradually, the net was catching all targeted fishes. It followed with long night bbm chat, making them all wet and wanting….the rest is history.

My sex life became rejuvenated, I had regular sex and even had to dictate which pussy to repeat and not to. But there was this one girl. All I ever wanted to do was fuck her and pride in it. She tweeted truth, writes well, her blog was fast growing and had too many guys falling over her. Even a friend of mine talked about her at a drink out. Luckily, she was on my BBM, I even went as far as sending her the links directly, she never responds. Not until one night, she put up the “I am bored’ pm and then I followed up with a link. After about 5minutes, I pinged to follow up knowing how hard a witch she is.

Hey babes, you read?

Yes I did. Nice story line to the erotics

Really, so how come you never respond to my BC’s?

Never knew I was meant to respond

so you do read erotics?


nice, so how do they make you feel?

How erotics should make a full blooded woman feel


you wrote that, so I am sure you are not a kid, you know

ok, horny?


That night I brought my A game to the table. Surprisingly, she was responding very fine. The chat was so interesting and my penis was on standstill all through. I thought I had this one girl at last….I thought so….we were chatting, while the chat was almost getting to text-sexing, I saw – “I need to sleep now, talk to you some other time.”

I was weak, I was too pained that I couldn’t respond with a simple ‘good night’. I wanked my way to bed with some saved pictures of her and slept to fight another day.

I kept trying this out each time I had the opportunity, even when she told me she just had sex with her boyfriend, that didn’t stop me because I have had sex with girls wearing the stone on their finger, flaunting ‘I am engaged’, but she – this one girl, had the line, that ‘do not cross’ line. I used to think all girls (sexually active girls) were easy to lay with my new found technique, but I was wrong. This one girl changed my perspective of women. My hope to finding a non-cheating wife was re-activated. I got tired of trying to get into this one girl’s pant but I got more out of it – HOPE!!!


I still write erotics, it gets me laid steady but I know there is still this one girl out there, one good girl, definitely more one good girls. And I write this to salute you. This one good girl isn’t a virgin, she isn’t a holier than thou Jehovah girl but she’s got caution and she’s got her dignity intact…Thank you

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