2015 Blog Festival – #BlogFest 2:0

Blog Festival - #BlogFest

Hello there…

Just like yesterday, the year 2015 is fast coming to an end. This is one year I embraced with high expectations and I am glad to say God has been faithful. So much have happened, however, this post isn’t about my testimonies and breakthroughs but about #Blogfest – Blog Festival.

You wonder what Blog Festival is? Old readers of this blog sure do remember how we ended last year in a blog filled style. Basically, #Blogfest is a yearly celebration of every beautiful piece that has ever been put together by any one out there who have been courageous enough to share their works with someone on blogs. Professionally or just for the fun of it. And from December, 2015, Blogfest will commence, whereby we will begin a 30days countdown to 2016. Daily, for 30days, posts from different writers will be featured right here and you will get the chance to find out other lovely blogs to visit.

Blog Festival - #BlogFest

Elsieisy.com #Blogfest happens right here on the blog and will commence in the month of December. This is me humbly reaching out to writers/bloggers to send in their literal works, articles, analysis, or whatever piece you want to celebrate this year with to elsieisy@gmail.com . NO THEME! (Although i reserve the right to decide what post makes it to the festival)

How to participate in 2015 #Blogfest

  • Simply send your post to elsieisy@gmail.com on or before 3rd week of November
  • Each Writer/blogger is entitled to sending in just two posts
  • Each work (post) must be minimum of 500 words
  • Works must be properly edited
  • Do include your name and blog link (if you have a blog)
  • and be willing to create time to follow the Blog festival, drop comments and share

Remember, It cannot be a festival without you. Share this with every beautiful writer/blogger out there. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate.

To read posts from 2014 blog festival click here

For further details, do send a mail to email@elsieisy.com

Thank you

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