2 Minute Guys

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2 Minute Guys

Girl: “I love him but he only lasts for 2 minutes.”

Boy: “Please help me. Whenever we kiss or when she gives me a blowjob, I always ejaculate, even without penetration.”

This is quite an embarrassing yet common situation a lot of men find themselves in. So, if you are experiencing this, you are not alone brother! We tend to make joke of it on social media and in social gatherings, but it is a big deal. Big enough that some of men who are participating in these jokes are themselves experiencing it. It is so bad that, if some men start having sex now, they may have climaxed before you get to read the end of this short article. And I’m not even joking!


Does she fake orgasms?

Research has it that about 45% of men reach orgasm within 2 minutes of intercourse. This is very depressing for women because it often takes a longer time for them to reach orgasm than men. From a 2010 study by Shippee Sk, it was gathered that most women would go as far as faking orgasm in order not to bruise the ego of their men. As a result, they suffer in silence, sacrificing their own sexual satisfaction.

For a man, if he meets with a woman for the first time, and he doesn’t perform as he expects, he would want to go back for a part 2. However, if he goes back to redeem himself and still finds he’s unable to perform, this can be a source of great distress for him as well. The last thing any

man wants is for a woman to think he’s new to the game, for fear that she’d blab to her girlfriends. Sexual performance is therefore crucial to a man’s identity and self-confidence.


Premature Ejaculation

There are quite a number of things that could make a man climax quickly. Maybe if he gets overly excited and can’t control himself, or maybe he has a medical condition, including but not limited to diabetes. When a man cannot control himself and ejaculates few minutes before or after sexual intercourse, this is called Premature Ejaculation (PE). It is one of the most common sexual dysfunction that affect men. Premature Ejaculation may occur alongside erectile dysfunction (ED),

but not always. Premature Ejaculation does not have a common cause, it may happen if this is your first experience, if it is your first time after a long while, and also if with a new woman. Anxiety, guilt, and depression may also cause it. It can also be seen as a side effect of certain medications.


What to do

Premature ejaculation can clear up by itself with time, or as you age and become more experienced. However, there are certain techniques that you may need to apply to control it:

  • Talk to her – it’s all about teamwork. Both of you can come up with ideas and solutions on how to slow down the sensation, so that you both get maximum pleasure
  • Try distracting yourself. Think about something else, nothing sexual, like sports. There is a chance that it would reduce the sexual sensation and delay ejaculation
  • Try counselling, it helps!
  • Change your sex styles. The Woman on Top or Reverse Cowgirl positions are both very stimulating for women, but less so for men. But careful there, so you don’t have any nasty accidents
  • Quit alcohol and tobacco consumption!
  • Use condoms. Some condoms reduce penile sensation, and help you last longer. But when used together with water based lubricants, you get the maximum feel and still last longer.

Remember, it’s all about quality of the sex – for the both of you. Slide Safe makes it easier for you to continue to have great sex. We have in our arsenal condoms and water based lubricants that give you optimum pleasure you desire and still helps you last longer in bed. You get satisfied and so does your woman. Great sex and guaranteed safety can be achieved with a pack of Slide Safe from our store or from jumia

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