What Drives You?

what drives you - elsieisy blog

Hey Elsians, How are you today? Over the weekend (Saturday to be precise) I went live on Facebook for the first time, inspired by boredom and PHCN frustration, laced with generator wahala. It was definitely fun for me. I was live for about 33minutes... Read More

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In the Being of You

in the being of you - art - elsieisy blog

You are a puzzle. Silhouette black, a jigsaw. You are something ebbing from your being, you have built those China walls; to keep you. You are frustration wrapped in confusion. Frustrated at – you. You have allowed life take its toll on you. You... Read More

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Healing Yourself

healing yourself - elsieisy blog

Are you going through emotional hurt? Does it seem like love has failed you or your emotion is running weak? Do you feel disappointed in the one you placed your love, hope and faith? Do you feel like a trailer-load of weight just rammed through your... Read More

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