A Relationship without sex?


Last night i was a guest on #NHBi. At the time of publishing this post, I am very sure the #NHBi discussion on twitter about this topic is still on going. NHBi is an online interactive chat about relationships. Every Wednesday, 9pm Nigerian time. I will just share my already stated opinion here for those who missed the section.

I would say; YES to sex and NO to SEX

I say YES to sex in a relationship. If 1) you are already engaged in sex

2) If you are old enough to bear whatever comes with it 3) and you are fully convinced you want to be sexually active.

Youths and even TEENAGERS are annoyingly sexually active these days. It’s very annoying but anger can’t change anything.

If you are going to be in a relationship with a guy who is sexually active, how would you make him come to terms with relationship without sex?

The truth is, a guy can hang on for as long as you want him to if he really loves you. But he’s hitting it somewhere

Now don’t get me wrong, there are virgin brothers, brothers who are abstaining and I respect them a lot but let’s tell ourselves the truth, how many are really abstaining?

Even the ones preaching abstinence are not abstaining. They preach A and act B.

If you want to have relationship without sex, it is very possible, but make sure you both are in it together. And make sure you are not hitting it somewhere else then suffering a nigga for nothing.

I know a friend who doesn’t have sex with her boyfriend but she gets the D on a regular. In her mind, she feels staying away from sex with the boyfriend will make them respect her more. Still, my babe never get serious guy.

As for my NO, I always say this, I blog it, I shout it, if you are still a virgin, KEEP IT! No nigga is worth it. If you think you want to start having sex, do it because you feel so not to prove love. Sex doesn’t prove love. Sex can’t guarantee love. Sex is not an exchange for love. SEX is SEX.

A guy would have that mind blowing sex with you but his heart remains where it is. It doesn’t change anything. Of course it can tighten the closeness between two people in love but not the starting point or a proof.

I would say, whatever you think is right. Please go on but be wise.

Being sexually active has grades o. Know your grade to. LOL (Don’t ask me the different grades though) also learn to discern.

Most times we talk about sex and make guys the perpetrators. Remember it’s a two way thing. If you want just sex, say it! If you want Sex and more, say it! Stop being deceptive.

I know another girl who still sees a particular guy just because she enjoys sex with him, while this guy loves her. She has a boyfriend she hopes to marry or planning to get married to and she still fools a nice dude. Men are evil, women enhances men’s evil. #aswearugod

Like I said, just be wise. Be wise. Follow your head and not your heart. Get sex education!

Like my cousin would say “Test the product, it’s a life time investment but don’t share the product”

Aha! I remember my nephew was dating one chic in Babcock then, they were doing ‘relationship without sex’, after school the babe go jand go marry Meaning she was just using him to pass time. She knew her husband all along

If you are doing “relationship without sex” be sure you are not being fooled.

That was how it went down last night and trust twitter people to make you laugh. You can follow #NHBi on twitter for the full interaction. Relationship without sex is very very achievable. If you want to know how, click here for details.

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