You Are Not Cheap

You are so cheap <– these words and more are the type of words people hear (especially ladies) then decide to live above their means or step up their game in the wrong way. To please same set of human beings who will stand up to judge their new way of life. “You do not wear designers”, “your weave is not original”, you should own a car by now”, “can’t you see what your mates are driving?”…well, news flash, your mate dey burial ground too.

Y’all remember my corn row hairstyle ba? (If you haven’t seen it, please click here). The idea behind the hair was to wig more. It’s more comfortable to wear wigs right now than sit through doing a proper hair that a job can make me take off to achieve a client’s look but the fresh air my skull been gathering ehn…fadalawd! I ended up displaying it and rocking it more.‎‎So a new acquaintance of mine saw me with the hair style and asked if that was my Christmas hair, I said ‘technically yes’ and he went ‘wow, you are so cheap’.

Note that this is someone that cannot affect my life in any way I can think of at the moment. This guy cannot take me to a proper restaurant for lunch if I agreed to have one with him. He won’t even be willing to buy the cheapest presentable wig for me talk more of funding a crochet look which could cost close to 20k, but his mouth was quick to run.

I don’t judge him, his opinion is his problem not mine. But I will judge you if you allow people with such shallow thinking and leaking mouth get to you. I will judge you if you let them dictate the direction of your life and happiness. I will judge you if you let them push you into something you do not want to do. I will judge you if you let them push you into depression. It doesn’t even matter if it’s coming from someone who can buy you the world, a reasonable person will respect your entirety. ‎‎The only competition you have and should have is with the person you were yesterday and the only thing you should pursue diligently are your dreams, goals and aspirations. Do not let any man or woman talk you into irrational actions in 2017. Be happy, be contented, and accept yourself with your flaws and awesomeness so that you can grow a solid shock absorber to any hateful or irrational comments at you. Define you and own it!‎

You are not cheap. Living by your means doesn’t make you cheap. Being small minded and vain makes you cheap.

All that matters is you. Do you and be happy. ‎

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