#WorldParentsDay: Some Useful Tips on Parenting during a Pandemic

One of the most tedious jobs on earth is parenting. It is more tedious with the pandemic and lockdown. With the closure of schools, and you working remotely, you’re likely overwhelmed and worried about coping with your child. Today is World Parents Day, and we have decided to share some useful tips to help you through the pandemic as a parent.

Talk About the Virus

It is your duty as a parent to talk to your child about the virus. Lying or hiding things from them will not help them in any way nor keep them safe. Tell them the safety measures and how the virus can affect a person in the best way you can communicate it to them.

It is essential to be open and supportive of your child. Your child may be feeling a little scared and confused. Give them space to express how they truly feel and let them ask questions. Be truthful with your answers.

Pay Attention to Your Child’s Fears and Anxieties 

Children that are used to visiting grandmas every Sunday or other days might develop anxiety about them, especially if they haven’t heard from them. They might also be worried about their friends or favourite teacher. You can video call these people and let them be rest assured of their safety. Let them see grandma and spend time talking to their friends. You can grant your teenagers access to the internet to reach out to their friends via social media.

Also, feel free to share your little worries with your children – not the ones that will break them emotionally but the ones that will make them understand that it is totally normal to be scared. Find ways to help your child ease off the fears, and learn how to calm them when they feel anxious. You may use this opportunity to read on parenting or take a class online or just watch YouTube Videos.

Healthy Daily Routines

Set a new pattern for each day, like a timetable since the old one has to be on hold. In this new routine, set how each activity leads to another – from waking up routines to breakfast and little house chores like cleaning the room or washing the dishes to energetic plays to mild ones, homework and studying, lunch, time with friends on social media and observing their siesta before dinner. You can include family times on some days. Ensure the routine is not too challenging for your child, and create time to create good memories with your child.

Bedtime Checks

Now that you don’t return from work late into the night, there is hardly an excuse for bedtime checks. Children are more disturbed sleeping in any stressful situation. It is your duty as a parent to keep them in check by acting like everything is alright. Stick to the regular bedtime routine, turn all phones off, read them bedtime stories, and sing lullabies. Remember to tell your child how much you love him/her.

Online Risk Management

The privilege of free internet access may be abused by teenagers. There are lots of harmful stuff on the net that can cause severe and long-lasting damage to children. They include violence, falling for scams, phishing, misogyny, xenophobia, inciting suicide, self-harm, misinformation, and pornography, and cyberbullying. As a parent willing to help the child stay safe while online, there are some parental control measures that you can implement. They include:

· Turn on safe search on your browser

· Keep control of the family’s digital footprint

· Keep your screens and devices where you can see them

· Talk openly with your children

· Know your parental control

· Set up a strict privacy setting on online apps and games

· Involve your children in creative tech about healthy device use

· Remind your children that whatever goes online stays online, and the internet never forgets

· Let them know more about cyberbullying and its effects

If they see anything online, be free, and easy to talk to, don’t give them the impression that you’ll smack or beat them.

Quality Time with Your Child

Always create time for your child separately – 20 to 30minutes of your time is not too much for a child. Let it be a special time for both of you. You decide the convenient time and let your child decides what he or she wants to do. You can talk about something or maybe play a game. You can bake homemade cookies and make soups together and take morning jogs or work out together.

Learn How to Caution your Child

If a child acts inappropriate, it is okay to scold and correct him/her but do it in a way that shows you love him/her. Avoid beating your child as beating can aggravate issues, and lead to the risk of injury. Also, hitting your child can increase anger and frustration on both of you. Therefore, learn how to caution your child appropriately without any form of violence or abuse.

Remember that wrong parenting can affect the world in various ways. The role of parenting in a child’s life is tremendous. Therefore, make all efforts to ensure that you are a good parent to your child. You play a significant role in your child’s life, play it right. Happy World Parents Day!

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