Why those little things count

little things

Husband: I lost my wife, she went shopping and hasn’t come back.Inspector: What is her height?Husband: I never checkedInspector: Slim or robust?Husband: Not slim, can be robustInspector: Color of eyes?Husband: Never noticedInspector: Color of hair?Husband: Changes according to seasonInspector: What was she wearing?Husband: Not sure if it was a dress or a suit.Inspector: Was she driving?Husband: YesInspector: Color of car?Husband: Black Audi A8 with supercharged 3.0liter V6 engine generating 333 horse power teamed with an eight-speed tiptronic automic transmission, with manual mode and it has full LED headlight which use light emitting diodes for all light functions and has a very thin scratch on the front left door….and…and…(Starts sobbing)Inspector: Don’t worry we will find your car…..

Abi what do u think he was really looking for?His wife or his car?

I got this Broadcast message from a bbm group which I belong to. We all laughed but it got me thinking. How we ignore the tiny little things that matter. Many of us don’t know these details of people we call our friends, colleagues, family member (siblings) or even your girlfriend or spouse. We pay little or no attention to these things. Some couples will start learning these things about their spouse when they going for a couples game, but do you need a game to know your partner that much?

Yes I mentioned colleagues and you might ask me what your business is with knowing those kinda details regarding a colleague.

Remember how we all talk about giving sincere compliments that puts a smile on someone else’s face? If you don’t take note of these things, please tell me how you would end up giving a sincere compliment. And don’t dare tell me a compliment is a compliment. Once your compliment is a lie, you are:

  • Giving that person a false perception of him/her self
  • You kill any room for improvement.
  • You make them feel they are actually where they are still working hard to get to or need to work hard to get to.

So do you still think your compliment is doing that colleague of yours any good? Simple observations generates truthful compliments and advice.

  • It helps you know when to correct that colleague of yours.
  • It helps you know when s/he is not in his or her best self.
  • It helps you know when s/he genuinely needs a listening ear.
  • It help you know when to be your brother’s keeper
  • And such relationship helps promote team work.

Same goes for your siblings and spouse. I don’t see how you could love a person without paying attention to those tiny little details you think don’t matter. You should care, love and be sensitive.

Some say, “You know I am not just the caring type”, excuse me? Who knows? Who told you that? And how did you come to that conclusion?

As you read this, kindly pinch yourself and wake the sensitive part of you. Take note of the simple things people around you do and use these knowledge to make someone smile today.

For the guys, you know how you know every tiny little details of that Porsche or non-Porsche car of yours and the way you pay attention to the latest gadget? Start applying that to how you relate with humans around you especially those special ones.

For the ladies, caring enough to call him up and show you care doesn’t mean you’re cheap and desperate, it means your confident enough to express what you are feeling when you are feeling it and you care a lot more than makeup, Brazilian hair and all them things. A man who takes that the wrong way doesn’t deserve you.little things


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  1. It a nice one, we all most guilty of this but for I usually adjust when ever I feel am going off the key. God help us

  2. Nice piece!! I’m guilty of this!! Thanks for making me see life in another perspective and learn to care about people.

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