When quitting seems the most sensible thing to do

There are times when things are working out for your friends but nothing seems to be working for you. And you just can’t figure out what the problem is.  You are working hard yet hardship has been your experience. You are faced with the pressure to live up to the expectations of your family, friends and the society.  It could be that you have been experiencing disappointments upon disappointments. There are times when your friends betray you. Things are not working out as you expected. It could be in your career, marriage, ministry, academics, business, health or any aspect of your life. Your lofty aspirations are looking more and more impossible. It is as if you are trapped in a desert and there is no oasis in sight. It is at this time that you are tempted to accept any offer that comes with a solution.

Quitting seems the most sensible thing to do in times like this. But you are not going to quit.  You can quit on bad habits.  You can quit on the negative relationships in your life.  You can quit on negative beliefs but you are not going to quit on your dreams of greatness. There are people who have committed suicide because they felt they would never come out from under the scorching sun. When you are under the scorching sun of frustration, you are surrounded by many question marks, questions you cannot provide answers to.  The important thing is to never lose hope, is never to lose the courage to move forward. I agree what the man who defined failure as moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm that is not an easy thing to do.

Naturally, anyone under the scorching sun will want to look for a shade to hide from the intense heat. Anyone who finds himself or herself in the desert will look forward to an oasis. In the same way, we all want to look for how to get out of our problems. But we have to be careful on how we go about looking for help or solutions.  There are pretenders out there who will pretend as though they can help but they end up adding to your problems. Look for the right oasis, the original oasis. The Almighty God is the One who knows all things and can solve all problems. Seek His face diligently in prayer and seek for knowledge. Most of the problems we have are ignorance-based.  Go after sources of knowledge. The All-knowing God is the richest, the greatest and the most reliable source of knowledge.  Then you can also read good books to understand what you are passing through. Someone said what you don’t know might be killing you. Knowledge is the key.  From my modest experience in life, you can find an oasis in God. Whatever you may be going through at the moment, I want you to know that God will make a way for you. He will take you out of the “scorching sun situations” and give you a new song.  There are people who have faced greater challenges than the ones you are currently facing and they overcame them. You too will have a testimony. Don’t give up on God. Don’t give up on your dreams. Hold on to God, hold onto knowledge. I believe in your greatness.

Written by Idowu Omisore - @IDgreatness
Written by Idowu Omisore – @IDgreatness

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  1. Now i have to say it has been a while since a post made waterworks on my face… This is right on time in my life, it looks as if I am doing all the right things in a wrong way just because i am not getting the result i deserve. These days i have been critising myself and ignoring the good in me. Thank you Idowu for making me understand that i can find my oasis in God. Some minutes ago, quiting seem to be the best solution, but now i know better. Thanks Idowu.

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