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#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 39. Written by Oluwaseun Opemipo Ojewale

I believe it’s time for us all to change our mentality. It’s not only in the government’s hands to change this great nation. That change has got to start with you. You need to have a conviction in your heart from this day onward not to do things because other people are doing it, but to do what is morally, ethically and overall spiritually right.

You have to also have it at the back of your mind that the change you desire starts from you and not from anyone else, you’ve got to learn to help out in any little way you think you can.

You’ve also got to have it at the back of your mind that your vote counts and should be casted for someone you believe can effect the change you want to see not someone who goes around buying votes to get in power. Let’s not leave the governance of our nation in the hands of incompetent people. Let’s take back our nation. Let’s go through all the policies they make with them and voice our angers at policies that fail to edify our nation. Vote in law makers who will pass laws not thinking of only their own benefit, but of the benefit of the masses.

This little change in mentality I believe if adopted by one person and taught to his/her family and friends and they also in turn adopt and pass it on will cause a ripple effect that will catapult our dear nation into an era of development on a geometric scale and economic stability.

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  1. I am just one person, I cannot change the entire nation, BUT I can start by changing myself.Another cause to reflect….don’t point out the problem and end it there.Be the solution or create it.Once again Madam, you have “DID IT!”

  2. As much as I agree with this,i have a question; how long? How long will it take before the individual changes bring about a general change? I have been trying to do my quota towards making my immediate environment better but it’s like I’m wasting my time. I will keep trying sha, hopefully my children and their children will reap the fruits of my labour because I have given up on this generation.

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