Money & Christianity, 7 PRINCIPLES!

Money is like a current, it is either flowing to you or flowing away from you that is why it is called Currency. So you need to learn how to magnetize money.

Most people are poor because of lack of knowledge and examples/training they received from parents and authority figures. If you grew up in an environment that says “money is meant to be spent”, you’ll never have savings”Psalm 66:12 Every year loads of people are joining the millionaires club! God wants to raise you as a person who can make a difference in your world.It is not true that there is money scarcity in the world, rather every year millions of people cross the millionaires threshold.Don’t listen to the ‘what ifs’ and words of distractions around you. You work towards getting blessed first and watch God teach you how to handle it.

There are people who lack the right knowledge to make wealth, some Christians will cry and pray for financial breakthroughs but their financial levels never change because they haven’t obeyed the laws of wealth making. There are certain laws you must follow to make wealth, if you don’t obey them you can’t be a millionaire!

2Timothy 1:7 To be a millionaire you have to overcome the spirit of fear! Things may not always go right at first but don’t let that stop you, God hasn’t given you the spirit of fear!The secret of success is that there are no secrets! If you do what others have done you will get the results other millionaires have gotten. God is no respecter of person, color, gender or age. If you believe Him, He’ll do greater things in your life.The richest man in Nigeria, Aliko Dangote is not a Christian even the young man who owns Facebook is worth over 20million dollars and he isn’t born again! You have a kingdom mindset, the spirit of God dwells in you so too you can make it!Unsaved people become financially successful because they know the proper steps to follow. There is a time for fasting and prayers but there are certain principles you must follow!7 PRINCIPLES1) Have a great dream/purpose/ vision.-Write down your dream/vision for the next 1yr, 5yrs, 10yrs – See yourself in the place of wholeness, happiness and wealth (Prov 23:7) – Ask yourself precisely ‘where do I want to be in 5yrs?’. Bible says God will grant the desires of our heart, if you don’t have a desire, what do you expect God to work with?2) Do what you are passionate about!Prosperity doesn’t come just because you went to uni or have a good job! Find out what you are passionate about, pursue it and it will take you places-Turn your passion into a source of income- Don’t start with a NGO if you have not worked for a couple of years. Broke cannot help broke and it is difficult for a struggling person to help struggling people.- Too many Christian youths are job-seekers! JOB stands for “Just Over Broke”. You can never become a billionaire through a job. No bank CEO through their official basic salary makes 1million dollars.3) Find and develop your unique gift! Matt25:15 God has blessed every one of us with gifts, you’re gifted!- Package your skills and talents well! All Oprah Winfrey does is talk! Women like to talk but she packaged her talk very well and she’s making big money.4). See yourself as self-employed whether you have a job or not!-Those who end up millionaires don’t work the contracted “8am-4pm” “9am-5pm” hours at their place of work, they go an extra mile and work over time when needed.- There must be results in the hours you’re being paid for! See the organization you work for as yours, give it your very best and when you get your own company you’ll be disciplined enough to manage it effectively and efficiently!5) Be committed to excellence!-To excel means to surpass, to be ahead, to be at the top, to be NO 1. When you are on top of your game, people will notice and respect you. Proverbs 22:29, Proverbs 18: 16- All successful people are good at what they do! Before you put something out there, make sure it is excellently done!6) Develop a clear sense of direction-Where are you going? How would you know when you get there? What are the milestones?-Even in your relationship, when it comes to picking who to marry, make sure you pick someone with a clear vision as you! If God wants to prosper you and you are with the wrong person it might not work out, it takes only one Jonah to sink a ship!- No goal, No go! You can’t go forward without goals, set goals for direction.- Make a plan and write it down (Habakkuk 2:2). If you know it and it’s written down, it’s easier to remain focused when challenges and distractions come.7) Have a money mission!What do you intend to do with the money when God eventually blesses you?Bible says in Proverbs 1:32 that the prosperity of fools end up destroying them.4 Money Missions To Follow As A Christian – Be a Kingdom promoter (Matthew 6:23) – Be a blessing to your family – Be a blessing to the household of faith (Gal 6:10) – Be a blessing to those who are needy (James 1:29).- 3 Things you need to combine as a believer. 1) The skill in which you’re trained (2) You natural abilities and inborn traits (3) The anointing of God.You can be wealthy if use your gifts, develop it and depend totally on God

Written by John J Alozieuwa

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  1. Good work…. The gift of a man bring him before kings and not before mere men. Thank you Ely for this words

  2. *singing “the wolrd better Prepare for another billionaire” after reading this, make I hear say I no turn billionaire. Thanks for dis motivating write up. Ain’t gonna read alone but will put it to work

  3. That opening line though… lol. ‘Money is like a current, it is either flowing to you or flowing away from you that is why it is called Currency.’Elsie, you’re just such an Igbo geh… 🙂

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