Well, our great Nation clocked 54 on October 1. A day we celebrate, patriotism, Independence, creativity, unity, and ONE Nigeria. That’s the ideal cause for a celebration, is that so in our case?It’s a common trend in our country that whatever economic, infrastructure, political problems we stumble into, we never recover from such problems. We have the Boko Haram (BH) problem for over 8 years now, still no probable solution to this Cancer in our Nation, in excess of 200 girls are still missing for over 200 days now no solution to that.

Epileptic power supply and poor basic amenity has always been a problem for us since 1960; it actually worsens with each passing year as none of our elected officials can be treated in our country (ordinary headache lasan, Germany yaa). Some LGAs have never witnessed motor-able roads since its inception, it’s also a terrible thing that some States are okay without a drainage systems and some areas of Lagos don’t have a good drainage system at all and we want to be a City kwanu?

We are yet to be self-sustainable in our Energy sector (Fuel), we still import Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene and we pay “God forsaken” amount for a Litre, for a Country that produces about 1,000 barrels a day, the cost of Diesel is at $1 or almost, Kerosene is irritating and Petrol prices at 97/Litre is a rip off. We are yet to boost our refinery output, new refineries are yet to be built, old ones refused to be renovated/upgraded, yet somehow, and more Oil marketers (Importers of Refined Crude Products) seem to spring up every day.

Corruption is now a part and parcel of our way of life. Corruption, theft, Embezzlement is yet to be curbed in the offices of Public officials (both appointed and elected). Every year, billions of dollars is sank into the improvement of Electricity in this country through the Ministry of Power, yet, we lack steady power supply in every part of our country. Money mysteriously vanishes form the coffers of the Government and no one pays or is persecuted for it. An unemployed graduate scams a greedy Politician/Public official of his ill-gotten money, Kaakaki, Morning Rise, Sun Rise, Punch, won’t lt us hear word about it until the day of his verdict of imprisonment. We are still looking for $10 Billion from the NNPC which was linked to Madam Dezeani, who was also accused of using our own money to charter private Jet for personal use also, she’s still the Minister of Petroleum. Are you still celebrating?

As it stands, Ebola is now being used as a campaign point by the current Administration. Vital reasoning, one evidence to show that there was really Ebola in our beloved country. All we saw was pictures of survivals chilling with the Governor of Lagos state, and photographs of the said dead victims, no relations to follow up on interviews, excess of 200 Million Naira has been spent on this outbreak, yet media continue to show us Isolation Centers, occurrences and videos from Sierra-Leone, Liberia whilst all we saw about our victims are some pictures that might have been picked off Facebook throughout the reign of Ebola. Not forgetting it was created as a diversion from the 200 kidnapped girls, now some Schools have refused to resume academic activities whilst some paranoid Parents/Guardians refuse to register their kids for the new term.

All we have achieved so far is going through another 365 days as One Nation, its 2015 in 4months and there are prophesies (from our flamboyant pastors) of a split in the Nation at that year. Well, I guess a second “365 Days Later” will tell of the genuineness of these Prophesies. Happy Independence Nigerians, and God can’t come down to help us, we will do these things by ourselves. Charity (not the bus stop) begins at home. Have a blissful month all. Safe


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  1. Interesting piece. As individuals, let us make the best of our various communities as a piece of our own country, what you expect the government to do in your community do it with the little people who have the same vision with you. Do not let the outlook of this country weigh you down. You are a leader in your own right. You do not know who is watching you some where, so be the best you can be and do the best you can do. The nation NIGERIA is ours for the taken!!!. Nigeria, Good People, Great Nation,

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