What I Learnt From My Son On Faith by Celestine Omin

One of the things I enjoy most is picking my son, Lee, from school. I love the 10 minutes conversation that ensues on our drive back home. I love it.

It’s an opportunity to get to learn about his day; who fell on the playground, who didn’t wear their masks or face shield properly, or who was generally naughty in class.

As I drive, I try to turn around to watch him speak. He speaks with so much enthusiasm and honesty. His eyes grow wide and his smile would swallow a banana. The best part, he loves showing off his daily reward from performing well in class; a sticker. He gets one of these daily.

Last Friday, I was late for pick up, this wasn’t a usual thing. When he saw me, his eyes widen and he let out a big smile. Then he walked close to me, hugged me and said “you came.” I think I had a teary eye. Yes, I answered. And then I told him, “I will always come get you.”

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Even though I was late, Lee had faith and believed that I will come get him. It didn’t matter if I showed up too late or too early, bottom line was that I was going to come. That was his belief and held firm to it.

As Christians, that waiting period between asking God, hearing His promises and its physical manifestation can seem like eternity. To be honest, it will get anyone anxious.

For a few weeks/months now, I have been dealing with a private issue. I have asked God to step in, I have seen His promise and assurance from His word and I believe it. But every so often, I can’t help but ask “when will this happen?”

But, through my son, I have come to trust God wholeheartedly on this issue. I am not worried about it again, because He has promised He will do it. My worrying wouldn’t change that fact. He’s given his words and He is too faithful to go back on His words.

As you begin your week, understand that God will do what He says He will. If I, an earthly father, can honour my words to my son, how much more our Father in heaven? Hang in there, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


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