Humanity And Equality

Human And Equality - elsieisy blog

By Oyinlola Omowonuola

It is in the inherent nature of man to assume the victim position whenever a circumstance is played to his disadvantage.

Integrated in the core of man is logic, the consciousness of gain, the instinct to belong and the choice to select.

Economics depicts every man as selfish; psychology says we are all subjective.

Why would a conventional white favour his own race?Why would a black man readily accredit his own?Why would a tribe prefer the company of its kind to another?Why would the smart only condone the vigor of like minds?Why would the sane listen to nothing but his own desires?Why would the advantaged find a way for their ‘blood’?Why would  we choose our friends amidst arrays of people?Why would we mind conquerors of the chambers of our heart?Why would we only feel morally comfortable with our age group?Why would we prefer a gender to another?Why would we choose whom we love or whom to share with?Why would we prefer one thing to the other and act in accordance?

The truth is – we are all humans, bunch of humans with gonads and blood abounding in us. When situations are switched, we act differently….left in the same position, our sentimental realities, more often than not, coincide.

The struggle for equality and justice amidst humans go beyond subjective outrages, it goes beyond questionable dogmas, it extends beyond emotions and cries for fairness

Humanity says :……beyond my bias……beyond my family……beyond my friends……beyond my tribe……beyond my group……beyond my religion……beyond my country……beyond my continent

“For the sake of mankind….” :

This is the scream of love, the whisper of unity.

The genesis of justice, the passion for empathy.

And until we all see beyond the little clumps of our divisions, the battle for oneness would never be won. No, not in this lifetime…

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  1. Oh! Truthful, though the opening statement is somehow self contradictory. When one is disadvantaged, that person is truly a victim. Not withstanding, you proved your point, humanity needs people like you.

  2. Thanks so much! I thank God for you. You have articulated some things that have been on my heart for a while. God’s peace.

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