Welcome to my birth month – April

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It’s the 4th and the most beautiful month of the year, you cannot deny it. Even if you think otherwise, for the sake and law of positivity, I advise you agree with me wholeheartedly. Remember they say your positive thoughts, words and actions will attract that back to you in some form. So believe it and act on it – April is a beautiful month!

April is that month when I get really excited no matter what the situation in my life is. Of course, God has given me that special grace to be peaceful and happy in any situation I find myself but I am usually extra hyper in the month of April.

Now this April has an exception! It not only holds my birthday (April 13th) but my TV show, Crux of the Matter, Debuts on the 5th day of this month on R2TV (GoTV channel 112). I am anxious but super excited.

So this month is not just about me being overly excited, it’s also about you. How are you doing? How have you been? How has 2017 been? As planned? As expected?

In my own case, 2017 has not gone according to my plan at all!!! 2017 seems to have a mind of its own in conjunction with the Almighty God. At the beginning of this year, I had plans. Plans which included making sure Crux of the Matter on radio becomes the go to relationship show for as many people as possible, monetizing the program (I mean after 1year, it became imperative), having 2 events this year and doing more of my social media management and strategizing works amongst other things. I never thought of having a TV show neither did I see it coming. I was willing to play long, deep and hard in the field I found myself. I wasn’t looking out of the box, I was in the box and happy in the box.

But at the beginning of this year, 3rd week of January to be precise, I was dealt the heavy blow of disappointment. I was worried but amazingly calm. In less than 2weeks after that heavy blow, God revealed himself and showed me the new direction. I realised that was God’s way of shaking me up for the next level.

As I add another year in few days, I am thankful, thankful because I am a better person. Thankful because I am not where I used to be. Thankful because I can see God’s word working for me. Thankful because I have the opportunity to see the teaching from my Pastor from years ago playing out in my life. Thankful for the Grace of this small me with a very big God.

My life is not perfect, I do not have all I think I need but I have most and I am hopeful.

Thank you all for being part of my journey and I will like to say that whatever it is you may be going through, in your career, business, home, family…whatever! Find the purpose in it and make the most out of it. Be slow to speak, slow to react and be calm in your soul.

Everything works out for those who believe.

As I count down to the first episode of Crux of the matter this Wednesday – 5th of April 2017, and. Counting down to my birthday – 13th of April, I pray we have more reasons to celebrate you and I.

Happy new month.

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  1. congrat madam,we are doing the countdown at my backyard me and my numerous thinking angel,its a blessing having you around,an epitome of Gods greatness to humanity.
    hapi buffday in advance.
    aunty Elsie,biko post my poem na,have waited like forever o

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