We are MEN, and this is what we want

Hello readers, I am sure you remember when we had the back to back posts on what men and women want? Ok, lets scrap that, considering the fact that my lovely readers have increased by more than 100% since then..I will put it this way: An article was written by a certain fine Man who goes by the name Paul (@paulpayfresh) on what men want. That article got reaction from two beautiful ladies – Shughar and Millie and those articles were titled ‘what women want 1’ and what women want 2. If you missed all that, do click, click, click and read before I stop typing 😀

Frankly speaking, I don’t know what to say anymore but our Mr. ‘Lonely Roads’ – William Moore ( @willifmoore ), has his own version and his also got me laughing. Read his below and I pray you use the comment box. 🙁

I have read one too many posts telling men what women want from us, but hardly any on what men want. I guess men are now in a position where we are almost scared to voice this because we don’t want to be labelled ‘misogynistic’. The irony of this censorship is that women lose out even more because with such vital information navigating the dating minefield can be made a lot easier. Here are some tips on how to conduct your affairs.


I start with this because for the upcoming man it is the most important asset. A guy is fresh out of uni and hustling hard to fill his bank account with something to write home about. At this point he is in ‘building’ mode. If a woman is not going to contribute to this process, the least she can do is avoid removing from it. Ladies, y’all need to get with the program. Asking for financial aid is not attractive. After men pay tithe and offering on top of rent, babe go still want five course meal and Moet to wash am down. Maka why?

Men being men

One of my greatest regrets about being born in this era is the outright disregard for men doing ‘man stuff’. Do you ever see guys telling babes we want to come for their sleepovers, make up party, or whatever it is women get up to when they chill together. But some babes will always want to be around when you are chilling with your boys. Sometimes it’s cool to bring her around, but ladies please understand that we still need that man time with our guys. And if you aren’t cool to blend with his friends, he might not want to bring you around. That doesn’t mean he is ashamed of you, some situations just don’t work.

Letting him be himself

Men have actually mastered the art of pretence romance to get what we need. This adaptation was to present ourselves as what women want, but it never lasts long enough. The real person eventually comes out and it isn’t always welcomed change. Ladies we are not all romantic but we are charming in our own way. Expecting generic romance will result in a generic relationship with the generic ending.

Pacing it

If you have forever with someone, then you have forever to wait. These days the rush to get everything official, stamped, sealed and delivered is too much. In fact this rush has become so much that most people entirely skip the ‘getting to know you’ part of dating. Women still very much play the hunted and men play the hunters so it is up to the woman to regulate the pace of the relationship. Don’t be in such a hurry, sometimes it is okay, but a lot of times, it is just flat out scary.

Understand him like a animal in the zoo

A lot of women are too busy trying to picture every man either through the typical relationship lense offered by society, or as this ideal man they already have in their head. This outlook breeds so many expectations that contrast with the reality. Contrary to popular belief, all men are not the same. Some like to talk about their problems, others want to be left alone. Some like to go out a lot, others like to stay in. Some don’t mind handling all the cooking, others would rather order take out or starve. Study your man, you will be glad you did.

What do you say?

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