The House XI

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We had left konigba and everyone was heading home in silence. Each guy to his own thoughts. It was true sha what Ben had said, there was no way we could really make money from this information. We might as well just follow his suggestion and fuck those girls for free but blackmail sex has never been fun. Don’t ask me how I know this. Long story! Bello was sipping some of the Jedi he had bought in a bottle while Ben was stroking his ever bushy beards. One thing was certain though, everyone was lost in thought thinking about money.


 How I wan see Latifah now o? Na to fuck that girl sure pass. That yansh wey she don dey carry run up and down. Na my opportunity be this. Hmmm na how to do this thing now make this stupid Sesan no go find out. I no go fit see the girl this night again. Be like say na tomorrow sure pass then.


 I fit handle Yemisi and Latifah together. Abi make I just work am make I fuck Latifah for morning, fuck Yemisi for night? Hmm no, e no too good that way. Yemisi go wan go work for night. So e go better to fuck am for morning then Latifah for night. Be like say that Buruntashi still remain small for that bottle. I go show the girls pepper.


 Fuck this, I was about offering my apologies to Yemisi when she turn round and pushed me on the floor. She came on and straddled me, slowly soaking her pussy on my now aching dick. Christ, this was crazy. I reached out in the dark and felt around for her boobs and gently squeezed it. Didn’t know if I was allowed. She said or did nothing in return as she proceeded to start bouncing on my dick slowly.

 “When you disvirgin?”, She asked out of the blue.

 Huh, what sort of question was that and how was it relevant to she fucking me right now?

 “Answer me na“, She spat out again. What age had I disvirgined again o? It was just last year with Tomisin.

 “It was about five years ago“, I more like groaned out as she increased the tempo of bouncing on my dick. One of her hands was on my chest pinching my left nipple. She placed her other hand too on my chest as she began riding me hard. I don’t know how she did it but it was only her ass that was moving on my dick, from her waist upwards remained steady as she was riding me faster and harder. The sound of her ass hitting up against my thighs was getting louder. God, shit I was about cumming….

Who disvirging you?“, ahan, what’s with the question again. What was she getting at?

Why all these questions na? Is our session going to involve questions and answers too?

She was beginning to piss me off, I came here for a good fuck or lesson. Whatever she was going to call it not a yeye interrogation session.

 “Sha answer the question!“, She muttered . She kept up the tempo of fucking my dick harder. Well what the hell?

 “Na my coursemate“. I was finding it hard to breathe now. Both my nipples were being pinched and twisted. My dick was on fire, I raised myself up and a little and decided to show her what I could do. I let my hands roll over to her ass and squeezed so damn hard. Fuck. She jumped off me and before I could ask what was wrong, I was spilling all over her face. Jeez! I fell flat back on the floor exhausted. I closed my eyes and didn’t open them till I felt a hand tapping me.

 “Come dey go, I don dey comot“…huh, I opened my eyes and stared up to see her all dressed up, how long had I closed my eyes for? I rubbed my forehead.

Errrm when next would we fuck“, I muttered.

Maybe tomorrow, na small problem you get“.

Problem ke? Small? Had I contracted some sort of STDs? Or was my dick too small? Or I didn’t fuck her well?

What kind of problem is that?“, I asked carefully.

 “You don dey too put mind for the fuck, you suppose no dey think am too much. You see say as I dey ask you questions you no quick cum but as soon as I stop, see as you just scatter

 I paused and thought it over, the truth had just been thrown as a spear to me. Was I to catch it or dodge it? I heaved and sighed. Got up and adjusted my shorts.

 “Thank you, dear. So tomorrow?

 “Yes tomorrow” , She looked at me with a very sweet smile. What was going, I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I was damn well going to take my lessons seriously!


That person wey dey comot for aso rock be like Bode o. Wetin that one go dey do there? Ahan, when Bode start to dey go aso rock. I hide small for the Balcony wey I dey. Uti don talk say make I come stay here dey observe anyone and everyone wey go aso rock. But e no go good make Baba landlord catch me for here by this kind time. E fit go think say I wan rob am.

Wait o, shey no be say Sesan go send Bode make he go collect him share come? Haaaa that ole boy wan comot me for the film. Why Sesan dey always behave like this na? He go always wan dey form panasharp. Well na today e go end, make I go tell Uti.


Getting back to the house and it was more or less like a graveyard. The only human in sight was Loco who was seated just outside his room busy with his phone. Pretty damn sure the idiot was placing his stakes on nairabet. You never know the true meaning of the word “Gambler” till you meet Loco. Dude could gamble on anything and everything. He could bet on how many times you would cough while eating, he could even bet on how birds flew around during the night. Yeah, the guy’s that crazy! Even infected Landlord sef. That one now is always one of the first to ask what the scores are at the end of every weekend match.

I was still undecided if to go sit with him or just got to my room and sleep. Bello made up my mind for me by walking towards Loco.

Loco, how far na? Na only you dey the whole house ni?“, Ben called out as we approached him.

Na so me sef meet am“…the idiot didn’t even take his eyes off his phone screen. This was a spiritual disease.

We all took different position, Bello and I sat on the spare bench close to Loco while Ben sat on the pavement.

Omo this Man U go spoil ticket gan this season o with this Van gaal wey them go employ“, Ben started off, he was a regular gambler too. I often find it hard to gamble on something I couldn’t control or influence one way or the other.

No mind the idiot. He go dey buy wetin him no need. We even hear say Di maria na good buy, wetin he need Falcao for? When he get two steady strikers. Abi who he wan dey bench now? Na Rooney abi na Van persie? Defensive midfielder and correct defender wey him need, he no buy. Fool!

Omo, Loco really went on a rant o. This was crazy. Well that was their problem though. I have always bleeded blue, been a chelsea fan sure had its perks. We never needed to worry about players, it was coaches that always bothered us.

I don reason am this season, I no put any Man U match for my ticket. Tin wey fit make common MK abi wetin dem dey call that club beat them four zero! No be even one, two o! Na four!“, Loco continued off with his rants with Ben joining him occasionally. Bello was already dozing. Dude would claim to be a Chelsea fan and always be the first to analyze matches for you but he hardly watch any match. He would rather be at Konigba and watch the match highlights later on. These people I call friends though.

I stretched and got up, didn’t say a word to Ben and Loco who were busy arguing if it was Chelsea or Man city who would win the league this season. I said it already, we bad like that. I walked slowly to the room and opened. Bode was eagle spread across the bed and snoring his life away. Hmmm dude must have gone for his first fuck lesson tonight. Why bother? I thought to myself and cuddle up on the rug using the bed as a pillow. Tomorrow, money money must show! Going to see Latifah, either she settles me or I would tell Bode everything!


Written by BASS @OlumiCFC

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  1. This is a typical face me I face u house in lagos…shits about 2 get real..looking 4wrd 2 d nxt 1st of all no try watin u do last week again..y u go dey put us 4 is coming we no come see am…see u nxt week

  2. Lol. See as dem dey plan Latifah and Yemisi. I pity Bode sha , I can see him falling in love with Latifa and end up being heartbroken. Latifa might also fall in love with him but will she be faithful? Now I’m getting way ahead of myself but I can’t help imagining how it’ll end

  3. Whistling… If you ask me name who I go ask? The matter you see so. Heavy for mouth. No be me go talk am. E tey wey e start. If you ask me the matter for ground na who I go ask?

  4. When i opened this link, i rubbed my palms together in gleeful anticipation. Then i saw my name hmmmm blush of life… Who says his don’t blush. Biko!!!Nice episode. I like the subtle lecture in it too. Nice one, Elsie and Olumide

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