A virtue I am possessing


She looked at her daughter with hatred. Her eyes where blazing, tinged with red. Her face contorted with what she was becoming from the inside.

I curse the day I gave birth to you, you have brought shame to this family with your act of adultery. Let the lord strike me dead If I call you mine ever again

The words where uttered silently and they held as much sway over the lady it was said to.

With that Bathsheba’s mother strode out of her daughters house without looking back and in doing so, she missed the opportunity to be the grandmother to the wisest king on earth. She didn’t see Solomon grow, and neither did she know that Bathsheba reconciled with her God, asking for forgiveness.

Patience is a foreign word to me too, it’s a virtue I dare not say I possess. I’m headstrong and spontaneous. ‘Na as e dey hot’ be my middle name. Even my walk with God has been that pattern. I’m always ignoring his will and doing what I think is best. Helping God. Helping God choose. Helping God decide. Helping God think.

I relegate my creator to the background once I think his plan is taking too slow to unwrap. But I’ve come to realize that for every time I do that, God takes me back to the very beginning to re-start. I’m learning albeit slowly that his ways are not mine and he doesn’t need me. Instead it’s the other way round, I need him in everything-even to take my next breath.

I strive every day to become God on skin and in doing that I need to be patient. Because God takes his time.

The virtue of patience is not limited to certain people. It can be alive and working within a woman who leads a Bible study for new believers, or a man who teaches a classroom full of five year olds. Patience can show up in a young girl who has to care for her ageing and ailing parent or married couples who are at each other’s throat. It can be evident in pastor-member.

Patience is a gift that God gives to any one whose own ability to endure falls short. I’m a living example of that

So if you are as impatient as I Am, why don’t you look up to the best model there is. I have and he’s helping me every day.

This article was written by “Onome Oreoluwa Agesse” for Bhealed.

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  1. Well patience is a virtue I possess but it’s hard to keep up. Sometimes waiting and hoping for the best can be excruciating

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