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According to a report, these are the few things that happen when we kiss.


It causes a physical thrill and increases pleasure. What also happens is that your brain shuts down negative emotions.


It reduces tension and increases happiness. Scientifically, it has been shown that people who kiss frequently are more likely to have long and satisfying relationship.


It was what a son wondered when he was watching TV with his father. He always saw when his father did this to his mother. But this didn’t happen every day. That evening, they watched TV together and he saw a scene where a couple kissed. Normally, he would have covered his sons face or told him to change the channel. But his father wanted him to watch. After all, he saw when he kissed his mother most times.

Dad, ‘why do you and mum kiss before you leave for work every day?’ He asked. Well, it’s because we love each other, his father responded. His son paused for a moment.

‘So do you mean any day that you go out and you don’t kiss her she doesn’t love you again?’ He asked. No, son. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love me anymore. It could be that I am in a hurry to get to work or have to head out and it’s impossible to kiss her. But I still do kiss her in my heart too. There was an awkward silence.

So, ‘Dad, you don’t kiss me goodnight every day. Does that mean I don’t love you every day too? He asked. No, son. I know you love me with all your heart and even if I don’t kiss you, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you either.’ his father responded. There was another awkward silence.

Dad, ‘I saw Mr Thomas kiss his neighbour’s wife when they were in his car. It was like the way you and mummy kiss too. Does this mean they love each other?’ He asked. Now the father was quiet for a moment and didn’t have any answer. How would he explain infidelity to a young boy?


Is it an act of love or an act of betrayal as was portrayed by Judas? Kissing someone else other than God is like cheating on him.

You must worship no other gods, for the LORD, whose very name is Jealous, is a God, who is jealous about his relationship with you.

New Living Translation Exodus 34:14

We only kiss people we truly love and even if we forget to; it doesn’t mean they don’t love us too. They just long for that intimate relationship all the time.

Sometimes we rush off and forget to kiss God. But he remains faithful and doesn’t forget to kiss us every day because his love for us doesn’t depend on if we kiss him or not. We rush off and do so many activities and it doesn’t mean that when we forget to share this intimate and passionate moment with God, he doesn’t love us back.

When you kiss someone, you close your eyes. When you kiss someone, the hearts meet. It isn’t just an act where your mouths meet; it is much more than that. If you have kissed someone before, you would know what this means.

Keep It Straight and Simple. KISS God all day, every day. There shouldn’t be anyone you’ll rather share an intimate relationship with than him.

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