UNILAG APROKO: Conversations By Ogbeni Human (part 3)

UNILAG APROKO: Conversations BY Ogbeni Human

See previous episodes – PART 1, PART 2“Good day, sister. You are looking plain today.”“Good day, brother. By plain, I guess you mean without makeup and earrings?”“Correct!”“Well, I’m on my way to MFM Prayer City now, and they don’t allow such.”“MFM Prayer City? Today? Are they sharing free petrol there? Or what’s happening there today?”“My problem is not petrol jare. My life needs prayer more than it needs petrol now.”“Are you serious?”“Very serious ooo. I need to pray against every Rahamaniac powers that want to enslave me and my generation.”“Hmmm…”“Imagine yesterday, I was trying to write a poem with end rhymes… I was thinking about a word that end-rhymes with Rahamon, and before I could blink my eyes, the word demon came to me.”“Jehofa… are you saying that demon may be controlling Unilag school management?”“I never said so ooo… I was only telling you about a poem I was trying to write yesterday. Anyway, who knows?”“But have you ever wondered why the VC has not personally addressed the students?”“I really don’t have the time for such wondering… anyway, it simply shows that he doesn’t care about the students and their welfare.”“Hmmm… but what if the VC has kicked the bucket?”“Egbami… kick which bucket? What are you talking about?”“Me I am just wondering that if this man is still alive… we would have seen or heard from him?”“So what exactly are you insinuating?”“Maybe the school management doesn’t want us to go into mourning since exams are around the corner… so they are keeping the news until after our exams.”“See that na trash talk, so leave trash for Lawma… if he is dead, there will certainly be rumours whether school management likes it or not.And you better don’t start a fire you cannot quench ooo. Anyway, whether he is dead or not, this is a period of mourning for all Unilag students because that undertaking and indemnity from is a death warrant.”“Well, but we must admit that he is dead to the students until he is able to face them and address them.”“If it’s that kind of death you are talking about… he is truly dead.”“That means you want to go and pray against a dead man?”“I’m more concerned about the powers that have made him dead… let the resurrection power of Jesus bring him back to life so that he will be a good VC to the students.”“Hmmm… interesting. Well, may God answer your prayers.”“Amen oooo”“Safe journey. And don’t be selfish with your prayers ooo, pray for everyone, especially your enemies. And also pray that this hot sun should chill and stop making barbecue of us ooo.”“Okay, I will try… bye byejare. I have to hurry.”“Bye bye, sister.”

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