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#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 34. Written by Mr. Church….

There was this girl I met on twitter. We’ve been talking. She said she liked my dick; that its quite long and she hasn’t taken a dick in a while too. At first I was scared because these days, you don’t just see a lady pop up in your DM and be like “hey niggi, nice dick”.

She said doesn’t have much time. We were able to meet sometime somewhere around her work place but it was short spent because she was tired from work and had to go home. The conversation died down a bit. On this particular day, she popped up again and said she was off work for a while, so wefixed a date to meet. The day she came, I went for the door. As soon as I closed the door, she was on me. She was kissing mehard and pushing her tongue down my throat.

As soon as she came up for air, I said “slow down Jen”.

But its been so long” she said.

This is even another reason to take it slow” I replied.

So I poured her some wine, we drank silently just staring at each other. I knew she wanted me so bad with the way she was looking at me.

Some minutes after, I went over to her and pulled her up. This time, I kissed her slowly and tenderly and ran my hand up and down her back. She shivered in my arms then I lowered her zip at d back of her dress and slowly pushed it over her shoulders.She was wearing a half cup bra and it pushed her tits up. I lowered my head and ran my tongue from the bra up her cleavage till under her chin and then kissed her onceagain. Her bra was red with black lace trim; it was very sexy. The fabric was very thin and I could just make out with her darknipples beneath it.

When I looked down, she had on a pair of very skimpy knickers and it matched her bra. I ran my fingers down her spine andunclipped her bra, pulled the straps slowly forward over her shoulders, down her arms and revealed her breasts.

Her nipples were cute, I could see them getting hard and I gently used my palm to massage the tip of her nipple. She closed her eyes and moaned as our skin touched. I cupped her breasts with my hands and squeezed them, her nipples popped between my fingers and I closed my fingers round them and nipped them between them once more. She let out a long moan.

I ran my hands round her hips and placed my fingers inside her knickers waist band. I eased down slowly inch by inch, her pussy was coming into view. She had a well-trimmed pussy; her pubic hair was jet black like her hair. It was shaved into a thin line leaving just enough to cover her clit and it was me this time that took a deep breath.

I lent forward and ran my tongue up the front of this fantastic cunt and as my tongue touched her clit she trembled and made a ‘mmmmmm’ sound. She placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed my head forward hard between her legs.

My tongue entered her clit; it was very wet. She tasted very nice I wanted more of this and I knew it was all mine for the moment. Her clit was as hard as her nipples and at every touch, she shook and moaned out.

Oh god!!!!” she said. I have missed this so bloody much.

She pushed my face even harder into her, my face was covered with her pussy juice but the more the better as far as I wasconcerned. After a while, she had a small climax and released my head and I stood back up and kissed her gently.

I took off my shirt as she sat up. She got hold of my trousers and lowered my zip. She placed her hand inside my boxers and as she felt my cock her mouth dropped open and she mouthed the words ‘OH My god’.

She pulled out my 9-inch-long throbbing COCK. She had it in her mouth so fast and was sucking it in. My god!!! you could tellthis lady had not had cock in a while. She took it out of her mouth and looked at it, spat on it to make it wet then placed it back into her mouth again. She was making slurping noises as her mouth ran up and down my cock; she was taking nearly all of it in her mouth.

When she took my cock from her mouth she licked her lips and smiled. After watching her for a while, I really needed to fuck this woman. I wanted the warm flesh of her pussy around my shaft. To feel her skin wrap around mine as it entered her pushing her inner walls apart making room for my cock to slide inside and fill her.

I wanted to feel her juice running down my cock and balls while I work my shaft in and out of her wet pussy. I started to kiss her from her feet up, moving from one to the other as I work my way up her wet cum-filled pussy. Her pubic hair matted with her cum and the bed was wet beneath her where it had run down her butt crack onto the sheets.

I opened her legs a bit more and lowered my head between them and the wonderful smell of her juice reached my nose and made me dizzy. I put my tongue on her warm clit andsucked-in her clit into my mouth and she moaned once more. I put my tongue into her pussy and I could feel her juice running from inside her and over my tongue and how wonderful that tasted.

I started to kiss the upper side of her body reaching her heavy breasts and kissing my way up between them then up her neck. My cock’s cap found the place it was longing to be; it just opened her pussy lips and slipped inside filling her up. It opened its way up inside that very slippery tunnel and she held her breath until it was fully inside her. I pushed my fully 9-inches cock from tip to rock bottom into her and she placed herhands on my back. I started to fuck her hard but not fast, Pulling out slowly but ramming it back into her hard forcing our bodies together very hard.

I kept this up for some time but then all of a sudden she rolled me over and she was now on top and she sat up. She got onto her knees and started to move herself up and down my shaft and as she did this I raised my hands and took hold of her tits, played with them and pinched them and she rammed down on my cock and had orgasm once more.

She lay forward putting her legs down and as we kissed, we rolled over onto our sides. We kissed and cuddled for a while and then I poured us more drink.

Well, you have cum so many times. I think what you need is a nice hot shower and with someone to help you wash your back” I said.

You are a sexy man” she said as she got of the bed.

I got up and followed her to the bathroom. I turned on the shower. We were washing each other, kissing and cuddling. When she started to work on my dick with her soapyhands, I got hard again. She dropped to her knees and took it fully into her mouth. She started to move back and forth lickingthe head as she ran her lips tightly up and down the length of my shaft. I was now rock hard once again. I took her by the shoulder and pulled her up and gently pushed her back against the wall, placed my cock between her wide open legs and just pushed upwards and it entered her wet pussy. With one hard push, I was fully inside her and she gave out a long sigh as it slipped into her.

She brought her legs up and placed them around me and I pushed back and forth into her extremely-wet pussy with each thrust. She was giving out a sweet sex-tone and was taking heavy breaths as I pumped hard as I could with her legs folded around me.

When she lowered her legs, I pulled my cock from inside her. She cried No! No!! put it back but I turned her around and told her to bend over. As she did, I pushed my dick back into her pussy and held onto her hips as I rammed very hard into her. With the water running over us each time our bodies slammed together, it made a big slapping noise. I put a finger in her ass and pushed it deep inside. She shouted ‘OH CHRIST’ andexploded in another orgasm.

I was now fingering her ass at the same speed I was ramming her cunt and she was really shouting at every thrust. I could feel I was so close to orgasm so I pushed another finger into her. As it entered her, she climaxed one more time and her pulsingtrembling pussy took me over the edge and I released inside her. Because she was bent over, it shot right up inside her and she loved it.

As her legs gave way, she dropped on her knees my cock popped out of her pussy. She spun round on her knees and took my cock back into her mouth and sucked every lastdrop she could get from it. She stood up and she said,

Jude, you know how to make a woman feel like she is wanted, God where have you been all my life?


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