Twitter Chat: #CruxoftheMatter TweetChat Debuts on Friday,18th August 2017

Conversation is the exchange of ideas by words. Whether this words are spoken, written or tweeted, what matters most is having the right conversation and learning from these conversations. It is said that no matter your level of exposure, knowledge and intelligence, being open to conversations keeps you in touch with the reality and increase your knowledge base.

Crux of the Matter, your number one Relationship, Dating and Sex show is extending to twitter. As we prepare to shoot season 2 of the conversation-driven TV show, we would be kicking off the long overdue Tweet-chat this Friday.

TweetChat - Crux of the Matter - Elsie Godwin - elsieisy blog

Join Elsie Godwin and her guests every Friday evening as they tackle various Relationship and Lifestyle issues.

The conversation aims to cover wider issues. #CruofTheMatter TweetChat will not only deal with Relationship, Dating and sex issues but also, delve into other societal and lifestyle concerns as they reflect on our day to day living.

Extending Crux of the Matter to twitter is even more exciting as we hope to reach out to not just Nigerians but Africans. Do follow the conversation, Fridays by 5pm with the hashtag #CruxoftheMatter

If you followed #CruxoftheMatter from Radio to TV, then I am sure you know what to expect from this TweetChat and we are even offering more and going in deeper.

No location, time or structure barrier. Let’s learn and unlearn. All you need to be part of the discussion is your data enabled device and a twitter account. The conversation is about us. You don’t have a twitter account? It’s time to sign up.

If you missed watching season 1 on R2TV (GOTV 112), you can catch up on repeat episodes every Wednesday and Thursday by 9:30PM

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#CruxoftheMatter Tweetchat debuts 18th of August 2017.

PS: Let’s know who you will love to see on the tweetchat as guests and what you will love them to chat about. Send your questions, suggestions and contributions to

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