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Your boy convinced you to not date the girl you like because “bro, this girl hmm, I’ve heard things about her”. You really liked her but you decided to listen to him because your boys will never lead you astray.

A few months into your “non-exclusive”, “title-less” “open relationship” (which she only agreed to because she likes you and in the way girls do when they fall in love without sense, she thinks you’ll change your mind), they bump into each other at a party.

They start talking and he sees mm…, she’s actually very interesting. They exchange numbers and at first their conversations are centred on you and how much they both like you. Then work. Then life. Now they tell each other every single detail of their day.

You text her “whats up” at 18:01 and the reply comes the next day at 11:51am “Just woke up”. But work starts at 8:00am. Can’t complain because you have no right to. It’s just a coincidence your boy doesn’t return your calls/texts either.

She calls you one day to have a heart to heart. It’s been almost a year and she wants to know if you have made up your mind. You really want her, and you can feel her slipping away, but your boys will have so much to say. “I don’t know” you finally say.

You can hear the disappointment in her voice. She calls her close friend, your boy, the one who will never give you bad advice, in tears. Now he’s asking her why she’s still bothering with you. She can’t even answer.

“Come and be with a real man. I’m not like him. I know what I want and I go for it”. She agrees. After all, “non-exclusive” “title-less” and “open” relationship.

It’s been a little over a year since you heard from her. You barely speak to your boy. We’re all busy with our lives, you tell yourself. You’re still single because while you’d never admit to it, you can’t get over her and in your mind, one day you two will work it out.

But the invitation comes a week to Christmas. You read it twice just to be sure. Your chest is burning. LOLOL they’re getting married, and you’re invited

You can’t make it unfortunately, because you’re suddenly sick and in need of a 2 week holiday somewhere in the mountains.

But don’t worry. You’ll get a honorable mention in their speeches, at their wedding, where the theme happens to be your favorite color….

“I would like to thank Charles for allowing God to use him to bring my beautiful wife into my life”. Smiles all around. Because without you, how would they have met? Accidental Cupid.

You’re angry but at who exactly? Awon ode. In your next life carry sense.

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  1. LWKMD!!!!!!
    I laughed so hard at this.
    This is so very much on point. Many times, we allow friends make our emotional decisions for us…and at the end of the day, they end up being happy in fulfilling relationships while you remain single and lonely and you cannot complain, cos well, you were an ode who allowed others make your decisions for you.

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