Those days……..

Yesterday was one of those days when i felt my soul left me

I felt all efforts were futile and life was just a waste of time, playing out a very big master plan

My faith was no where to be found…I cried…I trembled….

All of a sudden I became sacred

Scared of the unknown, scared of what the future holds

No one knows tomorrow..

I wasn’t sure of how much more i could take

I was broken emotionally, mentally, Spiritually and Physically

I tried burying myself into work, it wasn’t working

Then i let the tears flow freely

I remembered i was in an office, i wiped those tears and chatted a friend up

He responded with ‘How are you doing today?’

This time i wasn’t going to say ‘Fine”, such lie will just not solve anything

I replied with. “Kinda down”

He asked if i was under the weather, then i told him i wont mind being under the weather if every other problem would just disappear.

You would say i was wrong right? I shouldn’t be wanting to trade an obstacle with another obstacle but that was how i felt.

I went on to tell him i would be fine though…But who does that? Trying to form strong when i knew i was shattered inside

The chat went on, i did a good job in trying to not pour out my horrible emotions, forming strong until he mention “Prayer and Hardwork”

oh dear! I snapped and told him “so many unanswered prayers are making my faith shake”

Not sure i still believed in prayers

The he said, “You have to be steadfast, Gods ways and thoughts are higher than ours just the way the heaven is higher than the earth”

I told him i am trying, really hard.

Then he went on to say “If you’re not keen on praying, try thanksgiving and worship. It always works. Thank and believe with faith that you have received what you have asked for. You don’t need big faith. So the small you have is enough already. I know how it feels to be discouraged, i have been there but God is more than able, that’s what you need to know.

And then he sent me this:


I am sharing this with you because i read it and found strength. By the end of that conversation i was laughing. I remembered the journey so far, how faithful God has been. His promises for me and where i am heading.

You might feel you have come to the end of the road, but i urge you to also find strength and remain steadfast. Our God is not a man that lies. He will meet us all according to his riches in glory. Smile, stay happy, stay thankful, be consistent, you are almost there. Its always darkest before the dawn.

I appreciate every true friend of mine out there. All who have said or done something to keep me going…I love you all

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  1. we all at some point feel that way but with praise, thanksgiving nd our belief, we wud get result….. thanks for this words of encouragement. Bless you

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